Richard Armitage, floating head

As loath as I am to snipe about this because it actually doesn’t look so horribly photoshopped, I hate that his head just seems to be hanging there.

~ by Servetus on January 31, 2019.

23 Responses to “Richard Armitage, floating head”

  1. I’m sort of reminded of the hall of heads from Return to Oz. Does anybody else remember that movie? I was obsessed with it as a kid.

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  2. I quite like it – probably for the reason you state in that it’s not obviously airbrushed. He has gravitas in this photo – which I don’t feel we have seen since The Crucible. This could be a headshot for an RSC program ( or is that just the heat affecting my reasoning? 😂😂)

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  3. When was this taken? For what event? I understand your reservations but I still like it.

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  4. It’s okay, there are plenty of wrinkles and laughter lines, he looks his age.

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  5. (to me), Mr. Richard Armitage looks very creepy. It reminds me of those pictures you see in a haunted house, where the eyes follow you. Mr. Richard Armitage has that look if you blink or turn your head just for a second and look back at the photo, he is not in the photo anymore but standing right in front of you with that creepy look and that sexy, but creepy smile. if Mr. Richard Armitage decides to audition for certain movies. this photo should be in his profile book or whatever they call it.


  6. I like the picture, though. Seems like you can really connect with his eyes. And even though the head is floating, I can imagine his arms resting on his knees with his hands clasped together as he leans slightly forward.


  7. I love this picture! The play of light and shadow on his face, the half smile, the look in his eyes, the lines around them. One of the best yet.😊

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  8. it is definitely a change from the usual pictures taken of him although you can see the slight shading of the neck line, however, he looks like the devil on it lol…or our perception of what the devil looks like all he needs is the horns.

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  9. I like it – the expression on his face says “yes, I’m up to no good.” 😆

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    • Maybe his face is finally aging into the position where he can the kind of character roles he seems so good at.


  10. Ich mag es. Er schaut herausfordernd und sieht gut aus.
    Es ist nicht sooo schwer, ein Foto von ihm zu machen auf dem er mir gefällt, weil mir der Mann an sich nun mal gefällt.
    Leider sieht er halt oft nicht wie er selber aus.

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  11. On that photo he looks more dwarvish than ever to me.
    I wonder if he chose this style deliberately.
    Usually, I like b/w pics but this one is much too dark and his eyes appear dark and sort of lifeless, too.


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