Which British for Richard Armitage?

I personally think it would be funny if he spoke like Richard Quest.


A response to this, originally — someone we know 🙂


~ by Servetus on January 31, 2019.

6 Responses to “Which British for Richard Armitage?”

  1. Yes, it was very nice of Mr. Coben to pop in and make things clear. And extra lovely to see Richard quoting the tweet and adding some witty banter. It’s also provided the fandom with an excuse to further our education regarding English accents. Lots to choose from and, though we may have our own personal preferences, it’ll be music to our ears just the same.

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  2. I think he is being modest because we know he can do Mancunian ( Lee – Cold Feet).

    But as long as he isn’t an American in Manchester I will be very happy.

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  3. Apart from Estuary I have no idea what the words mean. Accents, presumably – but what they sound like? No idea…

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    • Sadly, I actually do know! Pitmatic = Northumberland/ Durham (Ricky in George Gently), Mackem = Sunderland, Smoggie = Middlesbrough, Janner = Plymouth.

      Outing myself as a diction nerd…


  4. Please not number 3 (fake London/Essex) I am happy with any other choice, nothing wrong with Leicestershire.

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  5. Yes, I have missed his own accent also. But then it seems Americans love a British accent. Wonder what they think or our American accent.


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