*Now* Richard Armitage wants us to watch Berlin Station? [spoilers in comments]

[Reminder that it won’t air in the U.S. this Sunday, anyway.]


~ by Servetus on February 1, 2019.

25 Responses to “*Now* Richard Armitage wants us to watch Berlin Station? [spoilers in comments]”

  1. Does his niceness know no bounds? I find it funny. He must have read all the tweets from people saying they’re not going to watch anymore since his character died and his supporting his old alma mater. (I think the cold is shrinking my brain tonight).

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    • Nothing about watching last week? So bizarre.


      • He was too busy skiing. And maybe, knowing his character was going to be dying which would be upsetting to some (for various reasons!), he avoided being involved in the whole messy feelings part of it. Either that or his character comes back to life next episode. Which I doubt. If it does, there will be a lot more angrier people – for various reasons.

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        • He might have been traveling — but he was apparently gone from Park City on Saturday as the rest of the cast did interviews without him.

          Yeah — I already feel jerked around.

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          • Judging by the lack of BS-related tweets or retweets on his account since the first weeks of December, I feel he’d already put this show behind him until this tweet. It reminds me of Michael Corleone’s “Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in.” Hopefully, it won’t be taken literally by the showrunners; I’d absolutely loathe it if they suddenly resurrected him a second time around.

            In all probability, the whole backlash after the last episode aired prompted him to commiserate with those left behind for they’ll have to bear the brunt of whatever else the writers come up with- nothing good I imagine. Of course, there’s also the question of the sizeable number of viewers that will stop watching after DM’s demise.

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  2. It does seem absolutely odd…. most likely they asked him for help re: all the negativity. Also makes me think they desperately want to make a go of a Season 4 & want his help with his fanbase. Perhaps he’s happy enough now not to mind doing it.


  3. I give up.

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  4. Aha! RA is being a good soldier and promoting the heir apparent to Daniel Miller. It’s nice that he tweets this in support of his fellow actor playing Rafa. I really do admire RA making the effort for his castmate, it is admirable.

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  5. I still haven’t watched the last episode, but could DM be alive after all?🤔 Or is he contractually obliged to keep promoting the show? It seems Leland Orser was this year‘s tweeter in chief for BS.


    • I assume he’s obligated — OTOH he has done almost nothing all season. My read on this is that, as there’s been absolutely no word at all about a fourth season, that Orser thinks it will be canceled, wants it not to be, and is campaigning.

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      • I actually was reminded that he RTd & tweeted more leading up to eps1& 2 than I had remembered. But it’s significant he’s back doing it, especially last night’s tweet. He may be either obligated or just feel keenly that he doesn’t want blame for killing the show. But if it dies, his leaving will be only the 3rd or 4th straw. I know I’ve watched & enjoyed the show more than some, but not very satisfied with how it’s ending. And some things that were never corrected.

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        • So who do we think is off for sure now — Armitage and Forbes? Or Ifans also?

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          • Definitely the 2 of them. Probably Mina too, since Esther was brought in as Daniel’s main squeeze. If Frost isn’t gone too, something definitely needs to burn down! That’s a lot of energy gone from the show, if so.

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          • Oh and I forgot about Rhys Ifans…. too soon to say about him. I kinda think Hector may have been in on Frost’s plan toward Daniel (he obviously planned to do it ahead of time). Esther may not allow him to survive (or else the other way around, but these writers deserve bedbugs in their houses if they kill off Esther too grrrrr). I think Hector has turned into a trope anyway- talk about the Terminator who can’t die lol.


            • lol, seriously. I hadn’t thought about Hector wanting to get rid of Daniel, but it would totally make sense if it were true.


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