Richard Armitage tangentially related

Getty had a few more pictures from last weekend that I liked, which are strewn throughout this post.

The Lodge:

Sundance 2019:

Current projects:

Past projects:

Hadn’t seen this one before either (Chase Sapphire). This could be a good photo if she didn’t look so uncomfortable.

Collateral attractions:

Also from Chase Sapphire: When Collateral Attractions meet.

Things we’ve talked about:

Just fun:

~ by Servetus on February 1, 2019.

2 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Re: “now we know why all of those extended sewer shots in Vienna” hmmm, he doesn’t really say why, or did I miss something. what are your thoughts? indeed, it just feels like they can’t make a single film/series playing in Vienna without showing the catacombs even though there would be some interesting alternatives. for this shot they could just have used generic footage:
    😉 this exact tunnel is in so many films… just like with the train scene in ep01 of season 2: that’s on the Semmering. (if you take the train from Vienna south in direction of Italy, you cross the mountains there) and I think it started out as a scene in an advertisement for the Austrian railway but I have seen this shot quite a few times since then. 😀


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