Michelle Forbes weighs in [spoilers]

Do click through — there are a number of photographs.

~ by Servetus on February 2, 2019.

7 Responses to “Michelle Forbes weighs in [spoilers]”

  1. Those photos are marvelous. And what a lovely, insightful tribute to him.

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  2. Que d’attention, de bonté et de générosité, de sa part, pour les fans!

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  3. He looks so beautiful on those photos plus he must really be a joy to work with. I have never read anything other than praise about working with him. I guess he is quite the gentleman and lovely to boot!

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  4. Richard being a good listener does not surprise me, I had that impression.
    It’s a VERY rare commodity these days. It’s one of my biggest frustrations that people don’t actively listen, but will quickly dispense their dime store solutions,

    I guess I’ll cancel my EPIX subscription now!

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  5. I saw her post on Instagram and thought it was cool. I didn’t say anything tho. I am not impressed with how the writers ended Daniel so thought it better to not say anything.

    Speaking of writers, we have followed the True Detective series, not that I’m suggesting it to anyone not cool with horrific crimes against women & children, but damn, the writing on this series is fresh! Excellent story telling. Same with the Fargo television series. Great writing! I don’t think the actors are better than Berlin Station. I think it boils down to the writers. All the other components are there, acting, editing, music, etc. Does this make sense?

    FYI-hubs mentioned he wanted to take a peek at TV series, I Am The Night w/Chris Pine. He isn’t home at the moment and as I’m winding down for the night, I pulled it up and noticed Leland Orser (sp?) listed in the credits.

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  6. I am with you on not impressed with the writers. Once Olen Stenhauer stepped away, then the haphazard season 2, this show would go in a direction that will not fit Daniel.

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  7. Wow, that first pic is beautiful!


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