Richard Armitage sells Ismael Cruz Cordova

There’s a statement if I ever heard one. Again, there are likely to be spoilers in comments.

~ by Servetus on February 2, 2019.

5 Responses to “Richard Armitage sells Ismael Cruz Cordova”

  1. Richard’s just effectively put a stop to all those wild speculations concerning a 2nd DM resurrection. Told you R was meant to be the new lead ever since S3 was announced. My 6th sense seems to be in top form yet again.

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  2. Oh c’mon now lol. I love the man to bits but sometimes his politeness can be frustrating (or else EPIX asked him to do this? It does seem like one of their tactics). Of course there was a lot of backlash for killing off Daniel, and it’s not any of the actors’ faults, but given that BS has constantly promoted him as the “lead” even with evidence to the contrary, what was anybody expecting to happen? I never liked BS so I’m not sad Richard is out, but if the show goes under because of DM’s death they have only themselves to blame. If you get an actor with such a dedicated fanbase on your show, either don’t promote him so much or actually make him the lead–and learn how to write properly, too! (Honestly, if they learned how to write properly I’d probably watch the show even without RA. I only started watching because of him, but I also only continued because of him despite my fondness for the genre. Way to waste an interesting premise.)

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    • I agree it was naive if EPIX expected there wouldn’t be significant backlash from their most vocal market segment. After watching season three I don’t have the feeling that they were really pushing Cruz Cordova as the leading man. I felt more like they were selling Orser.

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