~ by Servetus on February 7, 2019.

35 Responses to “Swanky”

  1. ok, anyone know who Gina Carer is? Inquiring minds want to know. RA’s outfit looks like a prelude to Father Quart! I am so excited about The Seville Communion – it will make a great movie – intrigue, humour, super well dressed well groomed RA who will probably be a look close to super sleek Lucas with graying temples, with a beautiful watch, beautiful locations and, to top it all off, just for you, Servetus, long, lingering filming of his hands should be included!

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  2. I’m not really sure what the photographer was thinking, but placing his subjects in front of those neon lights kind of turns into a fail when all you can see is a bright, glowing square of white on RA’s head… (Also not fond of the angle from below… )
    Is it just me or is RA looking pale and exhausted? The con took it out of him lol

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  3. I wonder if he’s presenting an award on Sunday?

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  4. Apparently, black ceases to be a flattering shade as we age, and makes us look washed out and tired (I say this as I gaze into my closet, which is about 3/4 full of black clothing. Sigh.)

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  5. Hmpf, now I have the feeling I have to get out of my pyjamas and pretty me up in a speedy manner because I look a mess this morning, (I have a day off). But I love dressy man even in the morning.
    The light ray above his head made me laugh, a little bit greater it is his halo

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  6. “The man Clothed In the Black and Sun lights”!

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  7. wow, he looks so good in a dark waistcoat, I wish he wore more of them

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