Richard Armitage tangentially related

This is just a rump as my plan for the evening was derailed entirely when dad decided he was going to go sturgeon spearing tomorrow morning after all. I’ve been so absent I just needed to post something. This week was brutal — between dad’s stuff and the weather, which has now led to fully half of my class days so far this term being lost, so I was behind-hand all week. I do plan to blog the penultimate episode of Berlin Station on Sunday, Armitage or not.

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~ by Servetus on February 9, 2019.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Goodness. Is he up to it? Just read your detailed post from 2016 and it’s not a simple fishing trip, is it!

    That Batman rumour again… 😂


    • I think he won’t fish, but it’s also a bit too cold for him to be outside for long, even hanging around (windchilll is supposed to be -10F today). However it is my brother’s responsibility today.


  2. Pure speculation based on the timing so that this had to happen after they worked together on Hannibal and what musical Esparza was in after that – but of course, Esparza might not have gotten the role they were auditioning for if it was some other show. OTOH, the big surprise was he was willing to consider a musical, which, according to what I read, was staged more as a rock concert than a musical with serious acting.


  3. Are you going sturgeon spearing, too? What a wild hobby!


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