This is starting to get sick [spoilers]

~ by Servetus on February 9, 2019.

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  1. seriously. Are they still milking this? I really can’t even make the effort to TRY to like this show due to this kind of advertising. On another note, what does he mean ‘aka Mrs. Jug’?

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  2. well my first thought about him calling her Mrs. Jug was wondering if he was referring to her bosom to be honest. My mind just went there. You know I was a true fan of BS for both the first and second season for many reasons which I won’t go into because I know there are folks who didn’t like it. My experience this season has been really off for a couple of reasons. First in the past I have been able to binge them on Amazon and watch them without a long break which really made it flow and more appealing to both my husband and I. I also wasn’t on twitter or instagram at the time or this site so I was able to enjoy it on face value for lack of a better phase. I have not enjoyed the Epix platform which is strange to say the least. I actually was of the opinion that RA might not be in season 3 at all because of other work he was doing so was delighted to see him showcased during the first couple of episodes. While I continue to enjoy some of the characters they keep changing them significantly so it’s hard to really relate them and obviously they have chosen to manipulate and milk RA’s fan base into continuing to subscribe to Epix and 3.8 was well done in many ways but really left me feeling over it all. My DH feels the same way and he is not fangirling RA by any means. He’s actually a big Rhys Ifans fan now and loves Hector’s character and he said he’s done as well. I wasn’t going to watch any more episodes but my curiousity is high about how this mess will play out so I’m in and I appreciate everyone’s comments and perspective here and look forward to reading your thoughts after you watch it.

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    • I am really not liking the cynical way he’s picked up on the BS marketing. But I’ll still be here tomorrow night.

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      • well I may wait for your comments before I watch it actually. I have been trying to sort why Daniel’s death and the way it happened bothered me so much aside from the whole manipulative “where’s Daniel? while he’s completely unseen and being tortured and then oh we miraculously found him and rescued him from the baddies but oh no, the real big BADDIE who has everyone fooled kills him and then has the audacity to say “oh I am so sorry, I didn’t want to have to do that”.” Sorry for the run on sentence…I guess it annoyed me more than I tnought…lolol…..Anyway, I actually have seen RA die in other movies and didn’t have this reaction and then I realized it’s because of the shocking and surprising nature of it. My parents both died suddenly and shockingly 19 days apart 20 years ago and I think this gave me some trauma flashbacks. Anyway, hope yo have a good Sunday.

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  3. When I get the chance I’ll watch the remaining episodes of BS, even though I’m fed up with it. I want to see Stephen Frost get what he deserves for murdering Daniel, preferably by Esther’s hand. 😉

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    • yeah — I want to know how this story ends.


      • or……they drag out the whole Frost will he or won’t he be found out and get his just deserts for ANOTHER boring season of Berlin Station. Because if there is one thing this show is good at, it’s not tying up loose ends


  4. I will watch the last two epis, just to have closure. It would be a welcome relief if the body that Esther discovers is someone other than Daniel (Frost or ??) and that the last epi would be a back-story as to how this dead body happened. And I guess I would feel better if Daniel was still alive but in a coma or perhaps in a mental state like that man in the hospital he saw in S1 (?). Would make sense as to why we saw that scene at all. In other words, killing Daniel off as soon as he found out about Frost is a kill-shot for the show because there is a dead-end and no hope. There always has to be hope.


    • I can’t get on board with hoping that he has permanent trauma, sorry! I agree it’s a kill shot for the show, but I strongly suspect this was the last season of Berlin Station. I give it about 75% at this point.


  5. Honestly, I’m not sure what to make of Richard’s continuing promotion of the show. Not bad or good, just weird. Maybe even he doesn’t know what to do with it? It’s all just very awkward lol. I’ll be happy when the show finally ends and RA and everybody else moves on.

    I also think the show won’t go beyond this season, unless EPIX really believes the other characters can carry the show without Daniel. Since Daniel never felt like he was really the central character despite their marketing, it might work..?

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    • Yeah, I think the show as written can go on without Daniel — since they have more or less abandoned the plotline of his search for his mother’s killer without too much trouble from their perspective. Maybe the continued promotion is just relief on his part.

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