Ok, so *now* you are worried about spoiling. Whatever.

~ by Servetus on February 11, 2019.

15 Responses to “Ok, so *now* you are worried about spoiling. Whatever.”

  1. And it’s not as if his actions matter anyway, given the not-so-sterling marketing by Epix.

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    • That was basically my response.


      • Leland Orser has been tweeting to try to drum up support for S4 (um, thanks but no thanks) and has been an absolute gem about responding to people. Several of us have said that Epix owes him a huge thank you for his efforts! He’s their best PR person!

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  2. Who is Richard referring to? Is he or isn’t he as Daniel Miller?

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    • Yes, that’s it.

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    • I’m very conflicted with respect to twitter and social media and being part of the fanbase. If we want to avoid spoilers, those of us who live in parts of the world where Armitage’s work is unavailable often resort to illegal copies so we can discuss in ‘real time’ with other fans. SBS Australia aired Berlin Station straight after it was aired in the US, so we were lucky. Hannibal on the other hand, was aired at midnight six or so months after it was aired in the US. Discussions in the fanbase were long over. I guess this sounds odd, but trying to do the right thing by waiting to see his work legally and avoiding any social media/ twitter discussions is very isolating and probably some of the reason for my partial disengagement from the fanbase.

      I’m grateful for your efforts in warning about spoilers in your posts, and also for your responses to comments I might post six or so months after something was aired 🙂

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      • That is a good point about many people having to wait to watch his work legally. To add to that thought, personally I have relied many times on the kindness of Servetus and others to share, either in real time or later on, what exactly happened in some projects because I will never have the opportunity to see them. Either legally (due to financial restrictions or because it is not available where I live). I’m afraid I don’t have the patience to wait for 3 or 4 years for the EPIX or whatever platform release to be done with, or the DVD release, or whichever medium it is. I do rely and greatly appreciate all the information and pictures shared by others. There are benefits and negatives of spoilers I think. (And full confession, I’m one of those horrid readers that, if I find I like a book, I will peak at the ending and then go back and read the middle. If I don’t like the book I don’t care enough to peak and may even never completely finish it).


  3. He just seems late to the party of the whole fan response to BS3 & what Orser has been doing to keep interest going & that if you don’t want to be spoilt to outcomes as a fan then you have to remove yourself from the social platforms voluntarily (IMHO). Maybe BS & Epix & RA just didn’t expect the kind of fan backlash to DM’s demise that they received. Personally, I am over being manipulated emotionally by this show any longer & will go back to being extremely picky & careful about what I watch. I only started BS because of RA & then really enjoyed it through Season 2. Such great actors and other resources that went under utilized. Okay now back to real life and check book. Have a good day all.

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    • Totally agree, spoilers are unavoidable if you are on social media and I think it somewhat naive and selfish to expect others are to censor themselves to accommodate others. In a perfect world, that is the nice thing to do, but in the real world, people want to share and discuss what they are watching in real time. I wonder how much anxiety the fall out to his characters death is causing him on a personal level. I really do hope he doesn’t feel responsible or bad because EPIX is so incompetent.

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      • I’m somewhere in between, because I feel like EPIX did its best to spoil this season ahead of time and Armitage cooperated to some extent. I agree that after an episode has been broadcast, you’d have to leave social media to remain unspoiled, but before? It shouldn’t be that hard. It was actually one feature of this fandom not that long ago that people weren’t constantly seeking opportunities to spoil. The spoilers were in a particular corner and you could see them or not. Twitter IS a primary culprit here but EPIX really contributed to the problems.

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        • I agree – Epix has been doing it’s own share of spoiling & I don’t think RA could really rock the boat about it without causing problems for himself (IMHO). I watched his interview Q&A at RDC5 last night (instead of the episode which I will see next week) and he seems quite happy and stimulated and onto new things. So I am glad he’s done with BS.

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          • Great minds think alike. Watching the Q & A last Sunday was infinitely more satisfying and enjoyable than enduring another hour of this trainwreck.

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  4. Well, I’d avoided enough social media to not know what happens to DM but thanks to the enormous (and unnecessary) spoiler in one of the posts here I now do.


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