Tempus fugit


~ by Servetus on February 12, 2019.

9 Responses to “Tempus fugit”

  1. Awww. It really is a lovely review 😊

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  2. Granted, I looked at this quickly, but I could have sworn that I read this (lovely indeed) review before. And wasn’t it written in 2014? What’s the deal, Mr A? Why mention it now other than to torment us with the idea of you doing another period drama? Well, I’m just happy that he’s tweeting. It’s always nice to know that he got up on the right side of the bed.

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  3. It really was a sweet review even if it was an old one. If I recall, I think someone just retweeted it not too long ago. I wonder if he feels guilty re: the fans’ reaction his character/spoilers in BS and was like “How about we find a happy place? – Let’s recall N&S. John and Margaret had that romantic kiss and lived happily ever after- everything is lovely” (just kidding I’m sure that wasn’t his motive -I just made that up) I agree with Lolo. I’m happy to see him tweeting too

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  4. Ce grand nombre de messages, en si peu de temps, est tellement inhabituel qu’il me semble très suspect. Il ne peut pas y avoir de spontanéité dans ce revirement. Que recherche Richard Armitage auprès des fans? Qu’a t-il de nouveau à vendre? La subtilité ne me semble pas être une caractéristique de cette démarche de rapprochement. Même un poisson novice ne goberait pas un appât si clinquant. A moins que l’acteur ne regrette son profil non ridé de 2004? A cette époque le dos de mes mains n’était pas criblé de lentigos…

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    • maybe that’s the source of my unease at the moment — do I feel like I’m being manipulated again?


      • 🙂 At this stage of our debate, I am writing this because I believe it is important that I share my analysis of the current situation .
        I should name it “A turn around, a flip-fopper spy strategy”!
        Back to history! In 2004, an army of fans fell over him, he kept his distance while remaining affable, courteous.
        Until 2010, he was continuing his career in England, while wrapping his uger fan base in cotton wool.
        Since 2010, his internationl career began, wanting to take part in blockbusters. The fandom was grewing. He communicated in talking about his projects, recognizing his thanks for donations and expressing his well wishes.
        Since 2013, he tried to purse a career out there, in Hollywood but he just didn’t realize how difficult it ought to be.
        With Hannibal, Pilgrimage, Castlevania, Berlin Station, he tried to get ride of his historical fans ( telling to give them an acquired taste, some blood and horror taste!). Some of the fans did not resist. But some fans have been incredibly supportive and resistant. Others with different sensitivity arrived. So since then, a multicolor fandom has been growing.
        Partially rejected by Hollywood (not Ocean’s 8), recognized in Arthouse movies, he is coming back to his first love, “Heimweh”, romcoms’ and good thrillers’ nostalgia in Europe. Having to reconquer and extend his fanclub, he is returning to a broken dialogue or never started one.
        I hope that you can understand my own poor, rough English. Always, I seek to improve by continuing to practise it.


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