~ by Servetus on February 15, 2019.

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  1. Leaving this as a comment rather than part of the main post: has Armitage decided to do some positive reinforcement for a change?

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  2. His recent follows and posts- The Impressionists’ Renoir (Charlie Condou), the five-year-old piece on North & South – and now this tweet seem to point at his going through a phase of nostalgia and reassessment of past choices. Maybe I’m reading too much into it- i.e. his follow of Condou might mean they’ll be working together again soon; the same goes for Brian Percival…

    I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.


    • I would really like to believe that. I was trying to remember if he reacted at all to the fandom 10 year rewatches, etc. (I haven’t had time to look). Something feels a bit different now but that might just be my gut reaction. Also, there’s this, which Fatima sent me yesterday, so I am inclined to be cynical:

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      • Social Media is overwhelming and even I have a hard time keeping up. A social media presence has impacted academics as well as actors. That article, to me, represents a tip of an ice berg… One not effected by global warming.

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  3. Didn’t he do a similar thank you/shout out to someone who had run a charity marathon or something like that? It wasn’t too long ago, within the past year (which is as long as I’ve been on Twitter). So this isn’t entirely unprecedented? Regardless, it’s a lovely thing to do.

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    • yeah, and he’s occasionally reacted to fan charity campaigns in the past, too. However, there now have been two tweets in a single week that reacted to people who are not part of the industry or one of his productions.

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  4. “Really, I was going for pensive.” (Sorry, one of my favourite lines from 10 Things I Hate About You)

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    • haven’t seen it but I love that line — may need to appropriate it for the future!

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      • Actually, the line is reversed in the movie – the guy shows her his (modelling) head shot and he asks the girl what she thinks of his pose. She says he looks ‘pensive’. He’s disappointed and says ‘Really? I was going for thoughtful’. I actually LOVE this movie. It’s pretty clever – set in highschool but based on Taming of the Shrew. It’s really well done.

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  5. Considering that he has a) attended a con for the first time as a guest at the beginning of February; b) tweeted at least once a day every day since the beginning of February; and now c) is replying to/RT fan tweets, it looks to me as if he is working on his resolution to be more involved with his fans… And good on him to do so!

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    • Or maybe he just wants to raise his marketability?

      However, I’ve liked both the fandom and him way less since he decided he wanted to be part of it and I hate the stupid, entirely predictable games that ensue every time he does this. (Yes, I know this is something we disagree about.)


    • He’s an introvert and his early interviews mention people think he’s aloof when he’s just quiet.


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