~ by Servetus on February 21, 2019.

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  1. I know where this foot is from! But it’s on the sheets and not between them!!

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  2. Hands up those who knew immediately where that came from. Quite a show of hands I suspect. 😜😜

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    • My hands way up. It also immediately brought to mind the gif from Hannibal I saw recently (something to do with an unexpected ‘shadow’ of the Dragons’ horn – not those horns – that other one).

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  3. I would pull a bit to get that whole lusciously long leg…and more????


  4. Once seen, never forgotten! I remember his comments about his mum watching it. LOL

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  5. Still can’t believe he kept his socks on 🤣

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  6. Amazing! We all recognize it and where it is from 🙂

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  7. I recognize that foot! 😳


  8. All this completely useless knowledge. I just wish I could put it to use. I guess there’s no way we could blackmail him or something like that?

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  9. As Snowgirl said: once seen never forgotten. But why, oh why?


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