Richard Armitage starts dropping The Stranger info

Filming starts March 5.

~ by Servetus on February 21, 2019.

17 Responses to “Richard Armitage starts dropping The Stranger info”

  1. Three exclamation points for Justin!!!

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  2. Obviously it was part of his contract with Netflix that he had to up his social media presence and really promote the project. I’m not surprised, given how social media-heavy Netflix is. Hopefully we will get some set photos as well, and I’m always interested in his preparation process.

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    • I hadn’t thought of the Netflix angle. Well, I suppose if that were true it would clarify a few things for more. I woul dreally love to hear more about his creative process — any time. Interviews haven’t touched on that much really since the Hannibal days.

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      • I’d happily bet $100 that this is the case. Those sort of provisions are extremely common nowadays. Usually with younger, less-established stars, but he really does need to up his game if he’s going to play in these big leagues, as far as social media. But he’s doing very well so far on this project, at least for me. Hopefully he will let us know more about his playlist and also what he’s reading besides the source material.

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  3. Just hoping it is a great 8 part series and I love that I get Netflix!

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  4. I wish he’d do a western…would like to see that playlist!

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  5. Did anyone see The Five, also by Harlan Coben? It had a similar feel and production as Safe so if The Stranger follows the same format we are in for a treat.

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    • Loved that series. Also Tom Cullen, in a beard, can pass as RA’s younger brother in either a contemporary drama set in an English Nothern town, or another fantasy epic. (Please see Knightfall for reference.) I hope I have the right Tom, there’s a million and one of them in the UK and he looks a little like the Tom on Lucifer.


  6. I have a feeling BTS stuff may end up on this account It’s a Twitter devoted to whatever’s next on Netflix, mostly US but may provide crossover.


  7. Really stupid question (because I have been completely out of the loop for a few days): Did he announce it himself that filming starts 3 March?


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