Richard Armitage cleans up at the Audies

He wins in fiction:
and in audio drama:

Others won in the other categories in which he was nominated.

So that’s twice as many awards as last year.

~ by Servetus on March 5, 2019.

12 Responses to “Richard Armitage cleans up at the Audies”

  1. I really liked Martian Chronicles – it was like an old fashioned radio play and I loved his tone. I missed a few exits a couple times while listening (I was driving) – it was quite riveting. I haven’t really listened to any of his other audio books I think – maybe some poems and a few snippets of others.


    • That and “The Bloody Chamber” were my two faves of the recent spate. I’m relieved “Wanderlust” didn’t win.

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      • Wanderlust was nominated? I wonder what the criteria is now. That was abysmal. Right up there with the red speedo for cringe worthiness. Apologies to all who loved Wanderlust. Or red speedos.

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  2. It’s wonderful to see Richard’s talent recognised. I would have grumbled previously that this will mean even more audio work ( if that were possible) and no screen time but not so worried now he’s filming The Stranger and looking so good.

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  3. Way to go! ❤ (Although haven’t listened to any)

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  4. Wow. Well, it is well-deserved. Although sometimes I suspect that certain books/films etc. just have to receive awards because of their subject matter. Absolutely not taking away from RA’s performance. He is definitely a master of audio performance and I am glad he is being validated this way.

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  5. I’m an audio book listener. I’ve listen to every thing he has done an enjoyed everything he’s done except Wanderlust. Happy he has won the awards, should have won more. Starting the Hiding Place. See how that’s going to go. Apologies to those who liked Wanderlust, I like the gendre,didn’t like the book.

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  6. I’m so glad Martian Invasion of Earth won. It was the first audio book I listened to and I love it. I also think it’s a good one to start with if anybody is iffy about listening to them since it feels more like a normal movie, just without visuals. At first I found listening to audio books (with somebody reading all the characters) sorta cringe-worthy (I’m guessing because that was never the way books were read to me as a kid; my mom never did “voices”!), but listening to that first made it easier to get used to them.


  7. The Martian thing is the only audio performance of Richard’s I’ve ever listened to in full (except for the Love Poems) and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it! So yeah, glad that one won. 🙂

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  8. If Wunderlust would have won there would be no taste in these decisions. Had to be the worst Audio and book I have ever listened to or read. I need to get the Martian one to listen to.

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  9. I really love audio books. I think because my eyes aren’t occupied with reading the words, my mind creates an ever richer visual image of the story than it usually does when I read. I’m listening to The Martian at the moment and I can see it all so clearly in my mind’s eye. I’ll have to add Martian Invasion of Earth to my list.


  10. […] was nominated in 2019 (when he won two awards), 2018 (when he won his first), 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2010 (years when he did not […]


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