Richard Armitage is a coffee man

~ by Servetus on March 5, 2019.

10 Responses to “Richard Armitage is a coffee man”

  1. He’s looking so good. I’m getting excited about this one.

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  2. I’m happy to see what appears to be his S1 Daniel Miller look back again. I like the beard, but Daniel was ooof

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  3. Yay, that looks good.
    Can they announce the rest of the cast now please?!

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  4. No beard? I am now beside myself with excitement. I agree Mezz, it looks like Daniel Miller is back – and what a coat

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  5. I think a beard ages him so presumably Adam is younger than 47 . I am holding off reading the book , I have just watched Safe on Netflix and enjoyed it so I am confident they will do a good job . I am sure he will be busy on the email if the language jars.

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  6. […] first BTS photos filtering from the various sets. After my little post from last night, Servetus posted another pic from the same location overnight. And when perusing that and thinking about the new, […]


  7. Totally different look than in BS – and very welcome so. I am not a fan of formal dress, but I do like this combo. I welcome the stubble grins

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  8. So looking forward to this!

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  9. I’m happy for RA

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