Back in the cotton mill

Today was the industrial revolution in world civ 2. So I got to talk a LOT about cotton. Turns out that there’s a new theory about the industrial revolution: it was guns, not textiles, that started it. OK, I did discuss the new theory and its strengths and weaknesses. However, whatever caused the industrial revolution, it was North & South that caused Armitagemania.

I will always love you, Mr. Thornton.

~ by Servetus on March 8, 2019.

6 Responses to “Back in the cotton mill”

  1. .. and Thorin threw the crown away and freed himself from the madness. Talk to Kevin in a good way (get out of here) and he should give you a comeback role right away. I want to see you in the cinema and not on the internet, dumbass.
    (Always pay attention to your health!)

    Our little moment in January has given me strength to free me from the Nazis, thank you.


  2. Servetus you all Right .. Sorry
    Im just an idiot👻


  3. Somehow Thornton pulls off being so cranky yet so pure at the same time. I’ll always love him too 💖


  4. Amen my Sister, I will always love Mr. Thornton. Although my first sighting of Richard was in the Handsome Stranger, North & South is my absolute favourite.


  5. 🙂 Merci de partager vos connaissances historiques actuelles.
    Voici ce que Arte diffuse actuellement sur la télévision allemande et française. Cela pourra peut-être ouvrir le débat. Ces articles datent de quelques années…


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