Richard Armitage: Tonra

Fellow fan Findirien just sent me this. (Thank you!) This is a recent revelation. To be honest, Richard Armitage in The Phantom Menace isn’t a question to I’ve followed very closely. The two things I remember is that Ali doesn’t think that’s him, and that some of the statements he made about his role after 2012 were judged by some fans to have been impossible. Any Star Wars lovers out there who want to comment?

~ by Servetus on March 11, 2019.

9 Responses to “Richard Armitage: Tonra”

  1. However brief his appearance i would expect him to remember the costume and he did say ‘white outfit’ therefore I don’t think the photos are of him.
    I imagine it was a bit like Peter Jackson dressing loads of extras then replacing them with CGI

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    • I don’t remember the details anymore but this was something that KiplingKat was totally on top of — she thought his story was inconsistent with the “naboo fighter” classification, I think. Or maybe it was that he told a different story later on?


  2. not a star wars fan at all, but that pic sure seems to look like him.


    • I think I’m agnostic — not least in light of him saying that he didn’t find himself anywhere in the movie himself. And also in light of the whole confusion over CATS — all the times that people rehash that picture of Michael Gruber that looks so much like him.

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  3. looks like him to me

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    • Yes, when Ali said she didn’t look like him she was relating that to the image in the article. Although she isn’t incredibly sanguine that the images in your link (that’s her website) were Armitage either.


      • they look like pics of the same person-the one you are refering to and the two in the links. I mean he also thought he was chatting up Natalie Portman when it was Keira Knight;y-i ‘m not convinced he has great long term memory recall (lol)

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        • I don’t think the person in the photo in the wiki article is the same person as the one in the photos on Ali’s page, but I’m not convinced that the later photos are him either.


  4. I’ve been hearing about and seeing supposed pictures of Richard in Star Wars since I joined the fandom a couple years ago but none of them look like him to me! xD


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