Wolverine: The Lost Trail 2, first impressions [spoilers] #richardarmitage

Continued from here. Disclaimer: I’ve never seen any Wolverine films or read any comics. I have not relistened to last year’s Wolverine: The Long Night, so my series and genre knowledge are limited to a vague memory of that. Also, I am making no comparisons to Hugh Jackman; I’ve only seen in him in Kate and Leopold and Oklahoma.

TL;DR: I started this episode feeling seriously relieved and upbeat about the new season with its increased airtime for Logan. The jokes are also funny this time, and it’s the kind of deadpan Armitage delivery I like, and have missed since Love, Love, Love. It seems like the story is going to abandoned the “whodunit” format of last time, and instead follow a “Logan gradually discovers the truth” shape. This is a good move because there are fewer plot points that have to be made plausible to us — we follow only through Logan’s perception of things, rather than from the omnisicent perspective that means every detail has to fit into a pattern or risk creating a plot hole. It will also make us identify more heavily with Logan. Which is cool, this time, because he’s actually in the story. I continue to have a bit of a quibble with the geographic location — it would be so easy to make this more real (for example, people from NO would use more exact designations for talking about “the bayou”) and this is lazy writing. But overall, I’m interested in the plot this time, interested in Maureen, enjoying the Armitage and looking forward to more.

The Forgotten

Motorcycle sputtering — Logan encounters Marcus at Maureen’s place; Marcus tells Logan about Pierce’s presence. He went looking for Burl, who was catatonic or “blank” on his bed, having wet himself. Marcus ran away.

“Mindwiped,” Logan says. “He ain’t ever coming back, kid.”

Reminder: Pierce is part of Weapon-X [iirc this was revealed in 1.10 although I apparently didn’t know what Weapon-X was then and don’t remember now if I learned]. By coming to Maureen’s house, Marcus has just put a target on both his and Logan’s back.

After the theme music, they enter Maureen’s place, which has a struck through “M” painted on it — “death to mutants.” Her house has been bombed with Molotov cocktails.

Logan expostulates: he thought he was just looking for Maureen and dealing with Weapon X, but now he has to worry about the “whispering man” and Marcus. Marcus takes on the role of talkative, obnoxious sidekick, but Logan gets some funny lines: “This is what thinking looks like, it’s a silent activity.”

Marcus looks through the apartment, which was Logan’s and Maureen’s and has some classic early rock / blues music. Maureen was a software engineer who “was always going on about the connections between math and music.” We hear police sirens in the background. Marcus is flipping through (57 — Logan knows exactly) newspaper articles assembled there about disappearances, even though Logan keeps telling him not to touch anything. Marcus recognizes one of the names, a chanterelle customer. Maureen wrote numbers on all of the clippings. The numbers index to pins on a map — the disappearances are extending out of New Orleans “into the bayou.” Some deaths are human, some mutants. Marcus notes a half-moon pattern in the pins; they decide to go to the center point of the pins. Somewhere south of Lake Petite (sp?) and north of Mississippi (to me this direction makes no sense, feel free to weigh in if you know what he’s talking about).

They look at Maureen’s diary or “workbook” as she calls it. Maureen reads the April 5 entry and it fades into Maureen’s voice. She is reminiscing about Logan and his paranoia about Weapon-X. She has assumed his paranoia, although not about Weapon-X. She needs to figure out the song, because if she doesn’t stay focused, “it will happen again” — the whispers. She can hear them behind the rain. Her brain feels crowded and loud, her attention shorts out, her vision goes milky, like a dream. And then she wakes up, standing in the middle of a highway, not knowing where she is, soaked and mosquito-bitten, barefoot and with wounds on her feet. She resolves to resist “it,” if she can only focus.

Back in the present, Logan notes that the ace of spades card is posted on the refrigerator. “It means there’s a son of a bitch I’ve gotta visit.” They leave, with fliers, articles and the map; Logan wants Marcus to put a hat to prevent a traffic camera from photographing them. Brief insert of sirens. Marcus will need to wear a hat to protect him from the Sentinel (Pierce). Marcus sees them as a team, but according to Logan “I’m only tolerating you and you’re only following me around because otherwise you’d end up mind-wiped and pissing your pants.”

They stop at a po’boy shop — Marcus is excited because he’s hungry, but Logan says “this is the kind of place where things can go bad fast.” They go in and the proprietor says “whereyat boys” (this is a New Orleans thing; it used to be a class indicator, too, but that’s kind of disappeared over the years). Marcus starts to order, but Logan wants a “full house.” The proprietor says it’s not on the menu, but after Logan insists, admits that maybe he can make something happen if they’re hungry enough. Logan says “five hundred” and the proprietor agrees they’re hungry enough. The man gives them some chips and gives them directions to a hidden gambling room. A bit of funny repartee as Marcus complains about his hunger and Logan orders two whiskey doubles.

In the barroom, we overhear two men talking about a woman with one green eye and one blue; Logan overhears it too and it angers him, so he growls and slams the table. He says “What were you doing in her apartment, Gambit?” and when the players say they don’t know what he’s talking about and they want to start another game, he says he’ll join it. They don’t want to let him so he throws someone out of a seat. As the betting for the poker game goes on, Remy / Gambit (Bill Heck) taunts Logan and Logan threatens him — he saw Gambit’s card in Maureen’s apartment.

(Amusing interruption as Marcus brings the whiskey over and claims to be working together with Logan.)

Gambit goes on to describe a scene in the current fraught atmosphere (humans vs mutants); a pro-mutant protest was going on in the French Quarter and Gambit needed a place to bring his friend, Pink. Pink had dared to resist Bonnie Roach, the leader of a motorcycle gang (the Coldblooded), during the protest. Gambit took Pink there — no sign of Maureen — and left his card.

The other players get impatient and draw Gambit’s attention back to the poker game (involving someone named Stumpy). Gambit tells Logan he thinks Maureen can take of herself. Then, he palms the ace of spades off of Logan, making it look like Logan was cheating. In the ensuing brawl, Gambit runs out. Marcus notes that a knife is sticking out of Logan; Logan drinks the whiskey: “the only medicine I need.”

Cut to something that sounds like splashing in the bayou — and then we hear a woman’s voice (is this Bonnie Roach?) telling us that the best moments in life are right after eating or screwing. The voice explains that her alligators just ate a mutant (“a mutie”) who had been using his talents to spit out money from an ATM. She always enjoys killing “a mutie” and they are talking about “the future of this country.” She’s talking with Pierce, who it turns out is paying the woman. “Weapon-X has been pleased with the work you’ve done so far,” but the woman would be happy to do it for free. She likes to isolate the mutants, who feel cornered and then get desperate and become easier to take down. Pierce wants the Coldblooded to take down “Logan,” but he goes by another name as well: “Wolverine.”

To be continued.

~ by Servetus on March 25, 2019.

5 Responses to “Wolverine: The Lost Trail 2, first impressions [spoilers] #richardarmitage”

  1. Thank you for the paraphrase/account. It helps. Some voices (not Richard’s!) are hard to fully understand from the first time. I love Logan’s sense of humor (reminds me of already iconic Trevor 😊)


    • That barroom scene was hard for me to understand (although in general I agree that the sound quality is something special about this production).

      I’m going to start using that line about thinking being a silent activity.


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  3. […] Remy again — he remembers Marcus and excuses himself so they can talk. He apologizes for running away earlier and asks what happened with Logan. Remy tries to get Marcus to tell him what happened with Logan, […]


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