In which Richard Armitage does not look like Gandhi

Sorry, my students are reading pieces of Hindi Swaraj (Indian Home Rule) today and I am a bit unfocused.


~ by Servetus on March 28, 2019.

5 Responses to “In which Richard Armitage does not look like Gandhi”

  1. No, he does not look like Ghandi! He also could not live like Ghandi – for all RA’s talk about how he doesn’t need fancy clothes and tons of money, if he no longer did I think he would find it unpleasant (though I’m sure he would adapt without complaint) not to have those things he’s become accustomed to (especially flying first class, lol).

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    • I think he did at some point say he couldn’t handle being really poor — in an interview relating to Ordeal by Innocence, maybe?

      I’d like to see him wearing one of those Indian robes, though.


  2. He looks like a happy camper – love this pics!

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  3. I can so understand the distRAaction.

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