Harlan Coben exempts Richard Armitage from his Tolkien-dislike to promote The Stranger

Here (Daily Mail).

~ by Servetus on April 5, 2019.

14 Responses to “Harlan Coben exempts Richard Armitage from his Tolkien-dislike to promote The Stranger”

  1. one thing I won”t do for RA is read anything in the Daily Mail (hate rag) , anything interesting in the article?

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    • He read CS LEWIS as a child as I did , if you were into the Narnia stories you didn’t do Tolkien lol
      Nothing much else other than he doesn’t re read books.

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    • Rachel he gave Richard a huge plug and The Stranger on Netflix so win win I guess.


    • I know a lot of people who feel that way, that’s why I put the source in there, which I don’t usually do. I just don’t like loading the page, it’s insanely resourc heavy.

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  2. Anything for publicity hehehe. He got a few keywords in there that might pop up in Google searches ;-).
    On a different note. Ooooh, he likes/reads Tana French. She really is good!

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  3. uch, no, i can’t make myself give that thing another click, least of all from a work laptop 🙂 I’m sure the news and articles will appear in more papers soon 😉


  4. I was just amused. He was asked which book leaves him cold, he mentioned The Hobbit, then said, but that’s not a criticism of Richard Armitage who is starring in my show.


  5. https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js


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