Wolverine: The Lost Trail 4, first impressions [spoilers] #richardarmitage

[Continued from here. Disclaimer: I’ve never seen any Wolverine films or read any comics. I have not relistened to last year’s Wolverine: The Long Night, so my series and genre knowledge are limited to a vague memory of that. Also, I am making no comparisons to Hugh Jackman; I’ve only seen in him in Kate and Leopold and Oklahoma.

Apologies: we were at the ophthalmologist most of the morning and then I had to spend the whole day grading.

TL;DR: Richard Armitage’s voice is SO deep in this! he’s so charming when he drops his consonants! His growing affection for Marcus is really convincing. But this is the first episode that was a bit disappointing; it’s extremely information heavy. Not much plot and no excitement except in the first minute or so. Just a lot of information exchange.

Into the Swamp

The episodes opens with Miss Bonnie and the Cold Blooded attempting to help Judson, whose leg has been detached and bagged up. As Bonnie is about to throw away Judson’s leg to the alligators and cauterize the stump, Pierce interferes. An argument ensues — Pierce gives Judson an injection and gives him a “nanite patch” that will help the wound scar over quickly. Bonnie and Pierce leave the room, and Bonnie notices that Pierce wasn’t wounded by Flamingeaux’ shots, and is leaking oil. She asks Pierce, “What are you?”

Cut to theme music.

Bonnie accuses Pierce of being a “goddamn machine” and threatens her with various sorts of sabotage. Pierce points out that they are on the same side. She informs Bonnie that Logan is “their most valuable weapon to date” and that she wants to re-incorporate him in Weapon-X. Bonnie says that the gang now needs to take their revenge on him for Judson’s wound. Pierce says Logan is unkillable, with an adamantine skeleton and a body that regenerates — he can only be subdued. They are going to watch Logan and the boy (they were only going to swoop in because the pair were separating). Pierce notes that they want to observe “Greenhaven,” a “mutant commune.” Following Logan and Marcus will lead them to the location, which they don’t know. Bonnie promises to find and burn Greenhaven; Pierce warns her to stand by until Pierce gives her permission. There’s a lot of tension here as Bonnie realizes they don’t have the same goals.

Elsewhere Logan and Marcus are waiting for someone to get them a boat, while Marcus eats gas station hot dogs; Marcus notes that his mother said he had a huge appetite and kept him fed with her “green touch,” growing food for him whenever he needed it. He and his mother helped out mutants, even though Marcus isn’t a mutant and doubted at times whether he belonged with his mother. He regrets things he said to his mother. Logan reassures him that they will find her.

The boat guy, Beaux (P. J. Landers), arrives and negotiates with them over the price (or tries, rather). Beaux doesn’t know anything about Greenhaven or Wyngarde. Looking the map, Beaux cautions them from heading to the place on the map. Flashback to Beaux, gator hunting on the bayou at night at the place on the map. He had an uncomfortable, buzzing feeling and was going to turn back just as he got a bite on his line and a 400 lb test line snapped. When he loaded his crossbow and looked into the water, he saw human faces — black eyes, black tongues, gray skin turning green — and they were motioning him to come down. He fled. But when he got back to the dock, his line, buoy and bait suggested it had never happened. Logan gives Beaux another $50 to pretend he never saw them.

Cut to Pierce doing some kind of voice authentication — she’s meeting with a computer voice at Weapon-X. She wants to terminate their relationship with the Cold Blooded, but the voice she talks about it with insists that the gang is the best cover story for Weapon-X’s presence in the area. By creating anxiety, the Cold Blooded justify hunting the mutants, hunting the mutants justifies Weapon-X, and Weapon-X justifies having the Sentinel program. But, if Bonnie moves against Weapon-X, “she will be eliminated.” Pierce sounds relieved. They will make her a martyr to increase anti-mutant sentiment. Pierce adds that Logan seems “fond” of Marcus and that they may be able to use that capture him. (The voice says this strategy comes from Pierce’s consciousness update, “empathetic programming version 2.3.”) It turns out that after failing in Alaska, Tokyo, and Thailand, this is Pierce’s last chance to accomplish her mission of “securing Wolverine.” Since some people think the Sentinel program is a waste of money and others are threatened by it, Pierce will end up in the same junk heap as Agent Marshall did last series if she fails this time.

Back to Logan and Marcus — Marcus stops and drops anchor to get some information from Logan. Wyngarde made Beaux hallucinate (and affected Matthew Guma, etc., etc.). Logan notes that his name is “Mastermind,” and he has “psionic influence”; he gets inside the skulls of his targets and creates illusions. He needs to be in close proximity to the target, and maybe (Logan isn’t sure) he can’t handle too many people at once. Did he visit Maureen? Logan doesn’t know, and says, “Something is not adding up.” In response to Marcus’ skepticism, Logan admits that he’s been mindwiped so many times that he can’t tell how many times it was. Some things come back, but some don’t.

And then a surprise for me, anyway: when Marcus insists that Logan remembers “the folks at Weapon-X” and Maureen, Logan responds, “They’re one and the same.” Maureen worked for Weapon-X, too, before she and Logan escaped together. Logan doesn’t remember so much about Wyngarde, but he does remember hating him. When Logan insists that they get going again, Marcus says they need to visit Miss (Karna) Eyestone, a voodoo practitioner. Although Logan refuses vehemently, Marcus insists that she can help them understand what they are getting into. He thinks she can pull answers from Logan. Logan suspects it’s scam to get more food. Marcus tries to restart the engine but it won’t go. Logan suggests they paddle their way; it’s quieter anyway. Turns out that Miss Karna sells gas.

And they paddle off. Very boring ending.

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