Desolée in the deepest sense of the word

~ by Servetus on April 15, 2019.

13 Responses to “Desolée in the deepest sense of the word”

  1. Truly heartbreaking.

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  2. Au collège, j’avais étudié la citation du très grand sculpteur et peintre Alberto Giacometti : “Dans un incendie, entre un Rembrandt et un chat, je sauverais le chat”.
    Aujourd’hui elle résonne à nouveau, dans ma tête avec une toute autre portée, résonance.
    Même si Notre Dame de Paris est un monument religieux majeur, chargé d’une grande symbolique, en tant que chrétienne catholique, je ne peux m’empêcher d’avoir une pensée pour toutes les personnes qui meurent ou souffrent dans l’indifférence des médias ( à cause de l’incendie, de l’inondation ou de l’effondrement de leur maison).

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    • What Giacometti says suggests he’s ignorant both about art and cats, and I understand that it’s important for people who think they are avant-garde to say shocking things, but I am also concerned for the people involved. Notre Dame de Paris would be worth the effort to save it not necessarily because it happens to be a Catholic cathedral, but because it is the lasting landmark of an entire civilization. Obviously not the only one, but an important one.

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  3. Désolée aussi, quelle triste soirée. On aurait dit des images sorties d’un cauchemar.


  4. So sad. But I hope they can rebuild some of it.

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  5. I thought my heart would break last night. I’m so glad much of the cathedral could be saved and one of the rose windows somehow survived. I had live TV on the whole time yesterday and at one point feared the entire building would be destroyed.

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  6. I visited the cathedral a month ago with my daughter. It was not my first time there, but it was a special visit for us both as we had some very important prayers of thanksgiving that we wanted to express there. I just wept last night as I watched it burn. I feared the worst. Felt a little better today when I saw that much has been unharmed, but it’s still so devastating.


    • How poignant that you made there a month before it burned. It has been a relief to see what was saved. But it did feel a bit like the world was burning, watching it on TV.


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