Should Dawn French govern Ukraine? (or anywhere else)?

~ by Servetus on April 22, 2019.

5 Responses to “Should Dawn French govern Ukraine? (or anywhere else)?”

  1. I’d take her in a heartbeat here in the U.S.


  2. I would take anyone over what we have now!


    • It’s part of this larger trend of thinking that celebrities are acceptable politicians. I mean, at least by the time Ronald Reagan was US President he’d been governor of California. But the dynamic is sort of slopping over, insofar as we now expect politicians to have the personalities of celebrities. IMO the Democratic primary is turning into a battle of the celebrities. And of course, that already happened to the GOP during the last campaign.

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      • Yes, I feel like a wet blanket, but I NEVER felt that we needed a person with no elected/government or military experience to jump into the presidency, and what’s happened here sure hasn’t changed my mind. I love Dawn French (who wouldn’t) but I’m definitely running the other way from ANYbody who’s never ever governed before- even if I really, really like them. Let them try out being a mayor, congressman or even a governor first. I keep hoping the current occupant will decide this has been less fun than he thought it would be & go home.


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