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~ by Servetus on April 28, 2019.

12 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Am I greedy if I wished for some more infos about the filming of ‘The stranger’? A Bts pic with people here and ther would be nice sigh

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    • I was wondering about that. Why so little? Including from Armitage. Is it that they are that afraid of spoilers? Or was it that in Berlin, they were almost all Ausländer and sort of pushed into making their own fun together, i.e., this set is actors who are living mostly at home and already have their own social lives? But I agree, nothing with any of the actors in it seems strange.


  2. i’m enjoying the Mathew Wright interview especially the rock singer revelation! lol and also the amusing part where MW calls his belly ‘my precious’ hehe

    re The Stranger-gosh it’s so dull out there and whilst I know they’re worried about spoilers.i wish they would try and work on the hype a bit

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    • Some of those really old interviews are fantastic. A lot more unguardedly joky than he usually is today, but also a lot less at stake. I think there’s probably an audio of it still at Richard Armitage Online.

      re: The Stranger — maybe they think they already have a built in audience b/c of Netflix.

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  3. The Stranger article only brought up one photo for me, I couldn’t access the rest, but by the sound of things I haven’t missed anything.
    You’re not greedy Herba, I’ve been hoping for the same thing. We got those initial sneak peeks of RA on set but nothing since, so maybe they’ve clamped down for spoiler reasons.

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  4. Thanks for the pinkback to my Regents Park post – love the Richard Armitage link – who’d have thought 😀

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    • It’s one of the parts of London I’ve never visited and when I saw your (as usual) lovely pictures, I thought, those trees are not very big! Poor trees! Thanks for taking us there.

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      • Glad you enjoyed my pictures. I have to confess there are some larger trees in the park (partly why I got lost a few times), hopefully he tried climbing one of those 🙂


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