Richard Armitage tangentially related

[with apologies for the delay; there’s a bit of ICYMI in here. I’m really hoping things look up this summer. Also, there are a few tweets I didn’t include here because I still want to write something about them.]

Current projects:

Past projects:

Collateral attractions:

Things Richard Armitage has said:


Things we’ve talked about:

Just interesting:

~ by Servetus on May 21, 2019.

6 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. I read somewhere that Thorin’s wig was a mix of human and horse hair. Because he was the King. Others Dwarves wigs were made only of horse hair.

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  2. Thanks for all the links. Loved the article about the BSB fan-site

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    • I remember what that phase of the internet looked like — much less polished but much more surprising. Now that we all use templates and software, it is theoretically more navigable but one is rarely surprised by anything anymore.

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  3. Thanks for the compilation- it really is like a time line of what has happened the last few weeks.
    I also read that BSB article. Funny, but the fact that someone is maintaining a fan website, would never have meant “super fan” for me… Maybe I am in denial 😱


    • It was really only about ten days. However, if you maintain a website, you are definitely a superfan!


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