Psst. I’ve seen it. It’s worth it.

There was an advance screening with Live Q & A with Mindy Kaling. The film is really worthwhile, indeed profound in spots, although not quite what I’d expected from the trailer. Amy Ryan’s role is rather small. I’m surprised Armitage didn’t see it at Sundance, though.

~ by Servetus on June 7, 2019.

2 Responses to “Psst. I’ve seen it. It’s worth it.”

  1. Only heard about the film for the first time yesterday when RA tweeted about it, and immediately devoured all the trailers and interviews I could get my hands on. Looks really, really good. (I hope I’ll be able to catch this this summer – in English. Meh, it could be difficult, seeing that I’ll be spending 2 months at home…)
    Other topic: Are you still on your own? Is the planning for an alternative solution progressing? Thinking of you!


    • I became aware of it while Armitage was at Sundance (and then I think it shows up in “collateral attractions” posts, attached to Kaling, as it was one of the big sales from Sundance this year). And then the cinema chain offered me triple rewards points to see the advance screening and it was on a night the dadsitter was available. I will say it wasn’t quite what I expected — I thought it would be a comedy about late night talk shows, and it’s more of a comedy / satire about how late night talk shows are written. It sticks its fingers in a lot of current wounds on the American cultural / racial scene, too, pretty fearlessly. I will definitely see it again on cheap day.

      Updated about this last week in today’s post. Thanks for asking!

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