Chop, we barely knew ya #richardarmitage

Multiple people are notifying me that Amazon UK has canceled pre-orders for Urban and the Shed Crew. (Thanks, sparkhouse1, for being the first one I saw.)

I don’t know what this means (it could simply mean that while they want to produce the disc, the timeline is uncertain and so they’ve taken it out of their queue; it could mean that the legal action has been resolved in a way that gives rights to someone else, etc., etc. Lots of possibilities and they are not necessarily worse than the current situation, so I’m waiting to see what transpires). I hope we’ll still see it on disc some day soon.

~ by Servetus on June 8, 2019.

14 Responses to “Chop, we barely knew ya #richardarmitage”

  1. I feel so lucky that I got to see it

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    • You really are. We had no idea. I thought at the time that I could go if I risked life and limb, but I would certainly find other ways to see it.


  2. At this rate, I’ll be dead before they ever get it released.


  3. I haven’t had that notification yet but I got regular postponement messages… such a shame.


  4. I read an official announcement on Twitter the other day that cited some legal issues involved.


  5. Yes, I got my notice regarding this also. Doesn’t surprise me as they kept changing and changing the date of arrival.

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  6. It is so frustrating – thanks for adding some reasons for hope.

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    • I really have no additional information but I can imagine that if it is considered to be a property with value that if it falls out of the hands of Brady / Blenheim Films that it could fall into the hands of someone who can really use it.

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  7. I suspect this might be related to Candida Brady’s company, Blenheim TV Films Ltd, being put into liquidation by the UK tax authorities (HMRC). The process started in 2016 and is still ongoing. It’ll be a huge disappointment if Urban is never released as it was a fine film and RA was superb in it.

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    • I thought I had read that the process started earlier than that, but it’s weird that she’d be able to market it online if the company were in whole or even partial receivership.


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