me + Richard Armitage + rain, or: A whole post to say I’ve decided to buy new shoes

[An interlude post while I think more about The Lodge.]

The shoes I’m talking about. So, no, I didn’t burn them. Although I suppose I could, now. I hate waste.

Intermittent rain punctuated the drive to Chicago. Happily, my fourteen-year-old car is still watertight! I’ve owned a few that haven’t been, over the years. In order to avoid the parking stress, I downloaded an app to my phone (maybe only the third one, ever) that let me reserve and pay for a parking space in advance. This turned out to be a better move than I had realized, because even though there was no Cubs game, Dead & Company were playing at Wrigley Field the same evening, which is only about ten blocks away from the cinema. The app parked me in a covered, private space about four blocks from the Music Box Theatre, where I’d been before for Armitage, but by the time I got there, rain was coming down good and solid. Not “raining cats and dogs” but the kind of rain that will drench you in about ten minutes. I had thought to bring my umbrella but not a raincoat. Of course my sneakers got soaked after only one crosswalk. I’d planned to have a late lunch at Julius Meinl anyway, and rather than walking around, I ended up just parking myself there for several hours, eating and reading, while I drip-dried. Viennese coffeehouses are moocher-friendly places.

But my shoes never got dry and I squelched everywhere I walked. And I thought, “Figures.”

Because several Armitage trips have been accompanied by liquid sunshine. The first night I was supposed to see him, The Crucible got rained out. When Babette and I went to see Brain on Fire at TIFF, it was pouring, too. It was humid and rained several times in NYC during my Tribeca Film Festival Pilgrimage pilgrimage. There was also the one day I tried to get to The Hobbit in the middle of a snowstorm and after digging my car out and getting to the cinema, discovered that they’d canceled all showings that day. And there was heavy snow in NYC during one of the December shows of LLL that I was able to see in 2016. Even though I usually wear black boots to the theatre, these tennies went on every one of these excursions and they got wet every time. Although of course they got wet lots of other times, too. But what is it with Armitage trips and precipitation? I realized when I got to the motel after the show that these shoes really need replaced.

But I love them! I bought them, along with two pairs of Ecco sandals, right before I moved to Florida in August 2011. The sandals are both still in great shape; it’s only these that have let me down. Of course one might argue that eight years is a good run for a pair of sneakers.

But you know how I feel about buying new clothes. I had actually resolved to get new ones way back in March. But maybe I can wait till the back to school sales? Or maybe I should just go ahead and pay full price for some purple ones?

~ by Servetus on June 17, 2019.

14 Responses to “me + Richard Armitage + rain, or: A whole post to say I’ve decided to buy new shoes”

  1. I understand your dislike of clothes/shoes shopping. But how about just ordering the same shoes in your size via the net? Or if the particular model doesn’t exist anymore, surely there is something similar available, and chances are the manufacturers size charts are still the same? I just did the same with a new pair of fitflops. And got them cheaper than if I had bought them in the shop. Win-win.
    As for rain and RA – universe testing you?


    • It definitely felt that way in London! I had a bit of difficulty with this trip. The rain was the only reason I could go. If the weather had been good everyone who could have kept an eye on day would have been making hay. So it was actually a blessing that the weather was so miserable. In a sort of backward way. It’s going to be a disastrous growing season here.

      I hadn’t thought about online. I’ve never bought any clothing online, though. Hmmm.


      • Universe is always on your side 😉 !
        Re. buying online – the few times I have bought clothes online, it was a desaster. Never fit me. It’s slightly different with shoes, though, especially if you stay with the same brand. Might be worth while.


        • 🙂 spécialement si vos pieds ont une pointure peu commune. Avec 35 comme pointure il est dur de trouver un modèle adulte sympathique. Internet est idéal.


      • The only thing I’ve bought online is boots. And then only because I knew a brand and size that would fit me. It could be a good option here.


  2. Ryka, I only wear their sneakers. They are made for woman.I sound like a commercial..I get mine on QVC…hint also search “as is Ryka..’ I have gotten them cheaper.


    • I had a pair of Rykä shoes something like 25 years ago that I didn’t wear very often and ended up giving away when I moved to Germany. These sneakers were very good and I paid $70 for them at the time, so really they’ve broken down to less than a dollar per month to wear. They also rank relatively high ethically for a shoe company.


  3. We have been drowning recently, and our growing season will be terrible too, I’m afraid. The strawberries are late and not looking too good. It is also unseasonably cool. I was just in Toronto on the weekend and walked by the Winter Garden Theatre where we saw BOF. Every time I am in that area, I think of you! I remember standing outside with our umbrellas, waiting ….. and guess what? It was raining this past Saturday too. It won’t stop!
    I might be the outlier here, but I would NOT advocate buying footwear online. I have learned that my feet have changed over the years. Brands I used to wear don’t fit me the same way anymore. You won’t know this for sure because those shoes had formed to your feet and newer models might not feel good. I had to buy two new bras last week and was surprised (and a bit horrified) to learn that my size has changed again. The woman who fitted me said, “Two things you shouldn’t buy online: bras and shoes.” I think there are always shoe sales happening, and wouldn’t wait until fall. More things will be full price for back to school anyways, I would think.


  4. Love New Balance shoes. I get a new pair every year as I exercise with the new ones and walking wears them out for me. Then I wear them around to town and at home. This year i use them for fieldwork and know they have lots of miles on them.
    I do order online as I would have to travel over a hour to get new shoes. I have never had a problem with Amazon or LL Bean on shoe orders for New Balance. Good Luck with buying new shoes.


  5. I have a pair of sneakers that was cheap and wouldn’t have survived 8 years of my walking around in them. They are in bad shape but I can’t bring myself to throw them away. In those shoes I walked through Prague and London. Both my first visits to either city. Those shoes carried me through our move after 10 years living in the same flat. They are connected to all of this. So… they stay for who-knows-how-long even though they are too done in to still wear them.

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  6. Why not trying to find shoes with LLL (better choise) or dogs printed on them?


  7. How do I not know about Viennese Coffee houses? I’m going there the next time BTS invites me to Chicago. The gulasch on their menu just made my mouth water at six in the morning. Toasted Sourdough 🤤. How cool to learn people used to drink green coffee!! I use green coffee but cough not for drinking. I didn’t even know you could!
    Hate clothes shopping, only do it online. Shoes, same. I’d rather measure and possibly return than deal with salespeople.


  8. First of all so glad you made it to the Lodge, sorry late to the party as usual. I look forward to more of your thoughts on it and due to the genre and well, everything i’m unlikely to see it/want to see it.

    Re shoes, you seem to stick with your known brands so should be safe to order online. Always worth looking a bit at reviews just to assess if people complain about any particular features. Otherwise go for online order, these days returns are very easy, in the unlikely case you would need too. Do you have end of summer sales? Maybe have a look if anything in your favourite brand would be suitable?
    We have end of summer sales here now, which is at least ironic as temperatures have barely hit 15C and it’s been raining no stop for 2 weeks at least. Not much growing season to look forward after this either..
    I only buy one brand really, only made an exception this year in sandals but also in a ‘sure to be a fit’ brand and now i can judge by style if it will work for me or not. And because i like the quality but am a cheapskate i tend to scour each sale in my brand and look if i need something new. (it’s Ecco by the way and only thrown out 1 pair in 10 years at the last move as decided these were really worn out and were no longer watertight either).


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