Taming the iced tea, or: Look who flew in this morning! #richardarmitage

~ by Servetus on June 17, 2019.

13 Responses to “Taming the iced tea, or: Look who flew in this morning! #richardarmitage”

  1. Cool! In both senses of the word. (I can’t believe my pre-ordered Trevors still haven’t arrived at my house… So annoying.)


    • That’s really odd. Mine was even marked “for Sunday delivery” (although I took the “free shipping” option that is the slowest, they didn’t deliver yesterday, and I didn’t mind, frankly). Seems like they really wanted it to get here!

      I thought about getting two. I definitely should have purchased more than one Thorin at the original price. However I still haven’t managed to watch Castlevania 2 so I don’t know if Trevor is really going to play a big role in my life.


  2. My fella came in yesterday

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  3. Yay! Someone to help fight your battles! 😃

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  4. I see they have one in stock at my local video game store… if I can get away from the office for long enough to buy one! (One week vacation coming in less than 3 weeks!)

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  5. I received my Trevor today also. He seems very fancy compared to plain old Thorin.Love his spikey hair. Your sneakers look a lot like mine.

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  6. Aww, i have one on my wishlist too, but have to wait until after the move as don’t want more things to pack and move :-)But he’s certainly join Thorin 🙂 Looks fun and realistic. I hope the price will not increase in a couple of months…

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    • I suspect they will continue producing this one as long as the series is in production — if they don’t, they are missing a huge market.


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