Brexit comes home to roost

I saw this today on TORn’s FB page: it’s allegedly a casting call for actors for the planned LOTR series. (I don’t know if it is, or isn’t.) It does, however, look like a real casting call for something. What it seems to imply is that the actors they hire must have an EU passport / work permit as well as a UK one (which tends to suggest they could be filming in the Republic of Ireland). I was thinking how we were concerned about how Brexit would affect Berlin Station (now irrelevant), but that the concerns raised here, esp #5, are now in play. It’s really amazing that the British Parliament would leave arrangements over work permits completely in the air for this long. And a bit surprising that the production company wouldn’t just delay until after Oct 31 to see what happens — but then again, we’ve already been waiting for two years to see what would happen.

(also interesting that they ask for RP).

~ by Servetus on June 21, 2019.

6 Responses to “Brexit comes home to roost”

  1. I’m no longer surprised about anything in terms of the dereliction of duty of the present government, if you can call it that, where the B word is concerned 😖😖😖😱😱😱

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    • There’s no majority for any deal, and there’s no majority for no-deal; hard to see how BoJo won’t get ground in the same mill that crushed Theresa May, and the EU hasn’t really signaled that they want the UK out. No way the Tories can call for new elections without losing the slim grasp on power that they can barely maintain, and not clear that different structural circumstances would apply to the opposition (assuming it’s Labour), given its similar desire for Brexit. Hard to see how this doesn’t go on infinitely at this point if the EU doesn’t change its position and just let the UK go on a no-deal basis. G-d have mercy on our souls.

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  2. And as for Boris effing Johnson about to become PM… you couldn’t make it up 😩😩😩😩😩🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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    • At this point it’s a case of “better him than me,” no? He’ll go the way of David Cameron and Theresa May, by Oct 31 if not sooner?

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  3. Boris Johnson has personal problems, a neighbour called the police when he was rowing with his partner at home, the neighbours had to mute their TV to hear better!


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