Armitage teases again

And I assume this guess is correct:

[And here I was thinking last night it was a pleasant change not to be teased for months about what play he might or might not do. Yes, I know many fans love this. I am not one of them. Using the tag “Korea” for this project until we have more definitive information.]

~ by Servetus on June 28, 2019.

8 Responses to “Armitage teases again”

  1. here’s some more info:

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  2. C19 have news about a play with Toby Jones, Uncle Vanya I would like to hear more about this.


    • I posted about it last night when I got the news. I assume we all have the same news. Bizarre that he’s not tweeting about that IMO.


  3. Hmm, I see a couple of my favorite Koreans in that movie cast…..


  4. Seems a strange oroject to be involved in, but maybe the idea of a space film appeals to him. Another bit of info .


    • All the cool kids are doing Asia just now, too. Lee Pace just made a bunch of episodes as a guest star in a huge hit Chinese TV series. Expanding one’s marketability, I guess.

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  5. Korean has a grammar that is close to Japanese and a lot of vocabulary borrowed from Chinese. It requires only one phonetic alphabet and it can be learned in 15 minutes, according to


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