Richard Armitage in the middle

Interesting combination of tweets. [if you decide to read the responses be aware the trolls have finally found him]

~ by Servetus on July 2, 2019.

17 Responses to “Richard Armitage in the middle”

  1. Yikes, gutsy move on his part. I haven’t kept up on the current UK political situation much lately (too busy with the US political situation) but this seems like a heated situation and I’m guessing that strong opinions will be expressed from both sides


    • Unfortunately the final tweet looks an awful lot like a response to a troll. But yeah — much more courageous than we typically see from him on Twitter. He seems to be doing a better job lately of not deleting his controversial tweets.


      • Richard has just tweeted that he is a paid up member of the LibDems. Close to a dealbreaker for me…


        • did he delete another one? FFS.

          However, if he’s a paid up Lib Dems member he surely has the right to criticize their behavior. On this one, I’m with him. I wish people could stop provoking each other and start actually speaking to each other.


          • No, it’s still there.
            I disagree. I do not think that the word ‘bollocks’ on a t-shirt is as bad as the Brexit party action at the opening ceremony. But I agree with you in general that this vicious circle of provocation is wrong. It feels like a never-ending exchange of blows that does not have any final outcome.

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            • They both seek to disrupt frivolously and obnoxiously the realization of democratic sentiment, albeit with different targets — whether a profanity is included is neither here nor there for me. Either you believe in democratic norms or you don’t, and if you don’t, you don’t belong in a Parliament of any kind imo. It’s just posturing while the ship goes under. And (as Armitage has pointed out before) it’s not like they actually ever speak to each other.


              • Fair enough. I don’t really believe in “democratic norms” of that kind. Anyway, I am not getting involved in this discussion any further than this.


                • As the medieval world learned — when it delegitimated its own symbolic language for cheap ends, it disappeared. Ceremony is never just ceremony and when no one takes it seriously then the institution is dead — not just the ceremony. We could debate whether that was cause or effect in the past. However, you also don’t seem very interested in talking. Hmmm.

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  2. This demonstration by British members at the opening of the EU Parliament is a disgrace. Both sides ought to be sufficiently gracious and decent to be able to hon our the democratic institution that the EU is (supposed to be). The members are elected by the people. One side is acting in contempt, the other frivolously. No, I don’t appreciate such behaviour.

    I had pretty much RA down as a LibDem so I’m not surprised. What is surprising is him divulging this piece of info. He used to be much more guarded. Nevertheless, he may have felt such indignation at the behaviors that he wanted to express his political standpoint. Can’t say anything against that.


    • I was a little surprised, too, that he said it, and I agree he’s been signaling a long time that he’s a political moderate. However, my read on the LibDem membership at the moment is basically that they have one sentiment both in the British and European Parliaments and that is “no Brexit,” so I am not surprised that he’d join the party.

      Looking at this from the US perspective — I have really had it up to here with people who want to steer a party agenda without being members of that party (and then stomping off when they don’t get exactly what they want). They haven’t done the work or made the contributions to have a political machine they can actually use to accomplish something, so they ruin someone else’s. So yeah — good for him for telling his own reps that their behavior was obnoxious. Anyone can criticize the opposition.

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  3. Ooh, nice little hornet’s nest there. Wonder how long these tweets will stay up.


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