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~ by Servetus on July 7, 2019.

14 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. The Harold Pinter theatre were a little brief, I expected them to mention Love, Love, Love in New York, I saw Conor McPherson’s Girl from the North country with Shirley Henderson it was superb.
    At the Lyric theatre yesterdayI noticed they were staging Love,Love,Love next year I am so glad RA isn’t in that.


  2. Uncle Vanya from January to beginning April (when I turn 50), I see. I think I know what my bday gift will be. 😉


    • London is cheapest in January, no?

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      • London is never cheap. 😉
        I never need to book hotels as I can always stay with my brother, so that always makes London relatively afforable for me.

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        • No, but for example the hotel I stayed in in the summer of 2014 is about $70/night cheaper in January than it was in August (if I were to book now). Plus they have their dry January and the post-Christmas debt hangover, and with the weather fewer tourists fly, so the flight might be cheaper, too (haven’t looked yet).

          Handy to have a relative there, though!

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  3. Brilliant find, Servetus! I like it a lot that the BBC quoted Mr. Armitage!!


    • I appreciate it but I wonder if he does?

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      • Usually I wouldn’t be sure about this either. But over the last year(s) I learned that my friends, and loads of people that I met in England and at home (remainers), over time had become so frustrated and enervated that many of them have lost their usual restraint. Wrought-up emotions! Probably no good times for modesty and to keep a low profile.

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        • I’m totally sympathetic myself, although I wax and wane on any given day. We’re getting to a point in the US where we have to say something or be permanently morally compromised.


  4. 🙂 Always instructive “stuffs” to read in your “tangentially related” weekly reports.
    About memory skills, the last sentences are the best of this article. They wrote about memory but we battle against daily attention problems, failures.
    That’s another area of concern but a greater one according to me.

    If “in Italy, TV watching lowers your general intelligence and makes you vote populist”; I would like it could not be true for me. Living in France. I was watching this NOT SO BAD tangentially related movie tonight:

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  5. I suppose we should thank BBC, since he’s not likely to delete tweets that have been quoted.

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