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~ by Servetus on July 28, 2019.

13 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Hear Hear (here here)


  2. I saw the healing power that sharing one’s fanattitude with others can have. But the destructive power of bullying too.
    However if anyone gets too upset or overwhelmed, why bad words


    • in those murder sentences continue their macabre dances against other fans?
      about Mulubinba observations on the fandom.

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      • I don’t know because I didn’t observe what she referred to.


        • I was unaware of nastiness from the that fandom, quite the opposite. In my memory any attacks at that time came from within the RA fandom – quelle surprise.


          • Yes, I’d have cited them as the friendliest group of those we’d encountered (the Tolkien fans were the worst, but there was also friction with the Spooks people over S9. The Castlevania and Wolverine fans have been okay. But the Hannibal fans were often really welcoming). But I don’t know what she observed.

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            • The only rumblings of discontent with them that I can recall was to do with RA’s initial refusal to hug at the Con but it wasn’t vicious as far as I am aware.

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              • Oh, that. Huh. Yeah. I saw some complaints but I wouldn’t call it either vicious or even as mean as some of the Tolkien people were.

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              • and if we’re talking people who were upset about something they didn’t get at a personal appearance (stage door, red carpet, etc.) I can think of worse examples than that among Armitage fans ourselves.

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      • N’en étant pas victime, ce n’est pas à moi de divulguer ces faits. Du fond du coeur, je souhaite que cela cesse.

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