Richard Armitage tangentially related

Current projects:

Past projects:

Things Armitage has said:

Collateral attractions:

Industry issues:

Things we’ve talked about:

~ by Servetus on August 11, 2019.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. Ah, McTavish is such a nice guy!


    • Yeah, and you can kind of tell he wasn’t expecting that question but he still came up with a great answer to it. (And his career is much bigger than Armitage’s at the moment.)


      • He sure had/has the right touch for his choise of work atm

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        • I think he did something Armitage was always reluctant to do — embrace a particular sort of typecasting. He’s big and frightening and Celtic and he’s gone with that. I don’t know if Armitage had more offers he turned down, but it seems like the “I want to do different things” line has harmed his career. He’s not known for anything (like Martin Freeman for playing Everyman, or BC for playing nerdy weirdos), whereas McTavish went along with that.


          • We talked about this before I think. I really, really would love to know more about projects that came his way (or not) and that he turned down.
            But leaving RA aside, I am very happy for McTavish


            • I think we have (I know I’ve talked about it somewhere), and I’m happy for McTavish, too. Couldn’t happen to an (apparently) nicer guy.

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  2. Thank you for the summary. There are always things I miss, and the last two sections always provide extra interesting reading!


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