Richard Armitage’s forearm hairs now constitute adult content

This, a week after tumblr was sold (yet again), this time for a bargain basement price. You’d think they’d up their game a bit, but I guess not.

Clarifying: I think his forearm hairs are sexy, too, but I don’t think they’re pornographic! (well, except for Teuchter 🙂 ).

~ by Servetus on August 16, 2019.

15 Responses to “Richard Armitage’s forearm hairs now constitute adult content”

  1. That’s hilarious!


  2. Yikes! Now you have me worried! What on earth did I say? I honestly don’t remember commenting but I doubt if it would have been pornographic. I’m an old lady of 81 😉


  3. De la tête au pied, chaque centimètre carré de sa peau dénudée (même son nez) est classé parmi les points chauds à haut risque, par leurs algorithmes…. Qui en douterait?


  4. They’re reacting to naked skin, wherever it may appear? (They are very alluring, though!)


  5. Ha! That’s funny! And very sad too that they can’t get it right…


    • This is really a classic case of the typical social media startup’s mix of unrealistic promises and mismanagement. They told people they could earn off the platform to get them involved — then when people did start earning off of it, they changed the terms. They sold the platform as a largely open content platform, then restricted the content in various ways. The progressive sales haven’t helped as each successive buyer has made disastrous decisions.

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