Richard Armitage in Seoul in August

Here’s a tweet of him at international arrivals in Seoul. More pictures are visible in his tag on Twitter and on (look at “most recent”).

~ by Servetus on August 19, 2019.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage in Seoul in August”

  1. J’adore, comme moi il porte des lunettes rondes.

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  2. Hier, j’ai eu beau regarder, je ne l’ai pas vu, à Charles de Gaulle- Roissy. Lui à l’embarquement, moi à l’arrivée cherchant mes valises…


  3. Did he do any filming or just possible deal-making?

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  4. Three weeks ago, my daughter and I visited London and Warner Brothers studio near Watford (Harry Potter land). It must be the Pottermania influence, because my first thought was when watching this: OM, there’s Harry Potter (again) 🙂
    I wonder what he’ll be doing in Seoul.


  5. Made me smile.. there is a pic of his signature on a page in a notebook and on the opposite page… algebra 😊 ah, it’s the life of a school girl. If i could be that young again those would be two passions side by side 😊

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  6. Sorry for my ignorance, but what is he doing in Seoul? And, has he lightened his hair? I was thinking of David Tennant when I saw these snaps.

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    • He must be there for pick-ups or more scenes of a film called Victory Ship. He shot some scenes during an interval in the filming of The Stranger last June/ July.

      As regards his hair, it looks very close to his true colour.

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  7. He looks fantastic.


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