[squelching comment]



~ by Servetus on August 20, 2019.

8 Responses to “[squelching comment]”

  1. The man is definitely reading about himself on Twitter. Commenting on Wolverine speculation the other day and then replying to the two women mentioning their RA fandom anniversaries and C19. Will he start reading blogs and fanfic next?


    • It’s a super unattractive look, but whatever, it’s his life. I wish he would stay the hell out of the fandom.

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    • and really, the unbounded arrogance of telling fans what the most important part of their experience should be? Fuck off, man. We can decide on our own what’s important.

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      • Personally, I found it a bit creepy (will he now join C19?), but maybe he’s just trying to deflect the attention from admiration of himself. But then he’s causing the fans in question to feel all a-flutter that he would respond to them, increasing their admiration. A bit of a contradiction.

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        • “increasing their admiration” … and then causing a whole crowd of people to chime in on the same theme. Oh, yes, Richard, you’re so right. If we’re talking about manifestations of fandom that trouble me, sycophancy is a among the main ones. And yes, it’s contradictory to his stated goal.

          And of course, this is only happening because he’s bored at the moment and has nothing to do. As soon as he starts working again, he’ll turn it off until he’s free (and bored) again.

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          • Yeah, it’s not for me, either, the positive pile-on. I think you’re right on the boredom factor — and maybe he was trying to find out what people are saying about his new boyish look. 😀

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