Richard Armitage EU love

~ by Servetus on August 21, 2019.

7 Responses to “Richard Armitage EU love”

  1. This is nice of him to say. But I am not sure this will help in the end (sorry, not in a very hopeful mood atm after watching BoJos press conference from Berlin)

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    • He may be one of the lucky ones — production companies will be willing to exert themselves to get him visas / work permits, or there will be an arrangement made eventually with the European actors’ union (the way there was one years and years ago). People who want to maintain their ties will have to work harder at it now. I hope it works out for him.

      I had wondered why this sudden outburst — if some politician somewhere had said something to him. I hadn’t realized that it was the eve of the BoJo in Berlin show.


      • Yes, he sure will ‘survive’ this as an actor. Not sure about a lot of others sigh

        Thankfully it’s only a short visit and Macron will have the pleasure of his visit next.
        Meanwhile in Denmark Queen Margrethe can’t believe her luck to not have to meet 45 😉

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        • Now everyone in Denmark can go on their summer vacations after all?

          My guess is 45 didn’t want to visit anyway and this is just a handy excuse after what started off as something to distract from the other disasters that are moving more slowly. But honestly our news is so crazy lately. Just when I was done shaking my head over Denmark I hear that he’s retweeting someone who thinks he’s like the “King of Israel, the second coming of G-d” —

          and I’m teaching modern history again this term. It will be hard to keep my mouth shut.


          • He must have remembered he doesn’t own a golf course in Denmark – if he did, I’m sure he’d go so he can work harder, while he endlessly golfs at his own properties, than any other President that was or ever will be.


          • That was real? I heard about the ‘king’-thing and thought it was a bad joke :/

            Are you theoretically allowed to voice your own opinion as a teacher?


  2. I’m curious as to what prompted this tweet. Has Boris called on all Brits to stop communicating with Europeans after October 31?


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