My Zoe trailer (German) #richardarmitage

The gist of this is that (after an implied separation or custody division) Delpy and Armitage’s child experiences a brain bleed and (apparently) dies, they are arguing with each other; Delpy consults a scientist who says he can’t bring the dead back to life and “even if” it wouldn’t be her daughter. The implication is — Delpy is willing to do something extreme (?) to retrieve her daughter.

My main reaction to this is that I’ve seen Armitage as a distressed father crumpling in a hospital before.

~ by Servetus on August 24, 2019.

17 Responses to “My Zoe trailer (German) #richardarmitage”

  1. It sounds likely Pet Semetary. Kind of.


  2. But he does crumpling so well! I loved that little snippet where his daughter jumps into his arms.


  3. I had forgotten that Richard wore brown contacts for this film. You can catch that in the hospital scenes.


  4. I think the main takeaway of this for me is that I was trying to figure out how to bust ass to get to TIFF, but I don’t think this trailer really justifies the effort. Assuming it finds a US distributor it will eventually be screened in Chicago or Minneapolis, which are much more doable for me.

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  5. Mmmmh, nothing I would watch without Armitages involvement, even if I have a little soft spot for Brühl

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    • Agreed ..i started to feel ho hum about it as soon as i read the detailed summary. Him obvsly being the implied toxic part of the ex relationship and also again looks like he’ll be in it a bit for background at the beginning and then it’s all about the mum and what i assume will be some sort of cloning experiment. Sigh. Thank God we have the Stranger to look forward to etc. Fingers crossed it’s the sign of upward trend in screen work, fingers, toes and even hairs crossed!

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  6. 🙂 I am curious about this movie. The characters are very stereotypical caricatures, but the subject of cloning intrigues me. I like listening to GERMAN LANGUAGE…


    • The film was made in English, I think — but if you see it in Germany you can definitely listen to the German dubbing.


      • I am waiting for a French version to UNDERSTAND it globally!
        It seems that I am listening to Richard Armitage’s voice in the Deutsch V. Am I wrong?


  7. I’m not sure if I should go to tiff or not. I’ve been before. It was ok. Would it be worth it to try and get a glimpse of RA in person. That’s probably the only reason I can think for going. Just not sure.


    • To get to any of the screenings on such short notice I would have had to cash a lot of chips, and I feel like I already drove 20 hours back and forth to see Brain on Fire a few years ago and this looks really similar. So yeah, probably the main reason is to see Armitage in person. I don’t think this is a gala, though — I don’t guess there will be photo ops, etc.


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