Richard Armitage tangentially related

Sorry this is a bit slim this week. Term started again; on Tuesday while I was at work dad sliced up his forearm in his workshop and sent us to urgent care (yeah, the senior helper was there at the time), and on Thursday he spontaneously decided to get the driveway resurfaced which caused ricocheting chaos. I also don’t know that I’ll be able to follow the My Zoe premiere in real time as I have to attend his 60th high school reunion events with him. I wish those who are in Toronto a lot of fun and I’ll look forward to reading about it when I get home, if I can stay awake.

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~ by Servetus on September 6, 2019.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage tangentially related”

  1. ah, to live in the world that Jeremy Renner thought we lived in. 😛

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    • I think a lot of fans still have that experience but they don’t have it in highly unmoderated situations. And whoever attempts to moderate ends up being crucified. My impression these days is that new fans appear, they find their friends, and then they go back halfway undercover.


  2. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Je préfère la qualité des articles à la quantité. Ici , cette qualité prévaut largement and l do like that! 🙂

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  3. Thanks Servetus. Google translate does produce some truly bizzare and hilarious translations. The very idea that Richard said “why are you so stupid?” to Veloce! I am looking forward to reviews of My Zoe (and RA sightings) I’m intrigued by the film Profoundly depressing and worrying news from eastern Germany, and it’ shows that the EU is not immune from far-Right influence.
    I hope that your new term goes well and that you have a better week (and that your dad’s arm is ok).


    • yeah — it’s not perfect, otoh I can’t read Korean. My college bestie can read Korean with ease but I’m hesitant to ask her for a translation insofar as she’s also an overworked professor.

      It’s okay — he should have had stitches but due to his absolute intransigence, it wasn’t possible to get him there in time. So now we’ll see what happens.

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  4. Une très belle tenue pour se faire remarquer!


  5. […] I wrote about this stuff last — continuing the narrative: dad went on a fishing trip with HL, and I immediately got a […]


  6. […] his perception of our situation that I’ve been trying to avoid a crisis of the sort we had on the day he sliced his arm up — that he would eventually hurt himself badly if left unsupervised, and we could set up […]


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