Is Richard Armitage coordinating his costumes with the hospital rooms on set?

Here’s some more about My Zoe — a report on ZDF — with scenes we haven’t seen before. Here. This film looks truly horrid, I’m afraid. A new low. I hope it’s better than the glimpses we’ve been allowed.

~ by Servetus on October 27, 2019.

17 Responses to “Is Richard Armitage coordinating his costumes with the hospital rooms on set?”

  1. Perhaps he wished he could disappear into the background. All his film work since The Hobbit has been disappointing imo.
    Lack of opportunities or bad choices , i don’t know but it’s been sad for me.
    Hopefully some redemption will come with The Stranger

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  2. Je préfère le voir quelques minutes sur écran que d’entendre sa voix en audiobook.


  3. I hope we get s chance to see how bad it is …


  4. Things have been so bad for so long with his career, that I’m afraid I am losing hope. This seems like another version of Brain on Fire, and from what I saw in those clips he is doing the same gestures and facial expressions which loudly signal “distraught father.” I had much higher hopes for him, a few years back, and now he appears to have become sort of pigeon-holed into a certain type of film and role (divorced Dad, angry, control freak, whatever). I don’t think I would watch this film even if it becomes available, I’m sorry to say. I’m not interested in the subject matter, and I can’t bear to watch him do this. The only redeeming feature might be Julie Delpy, as I have always liked her work. I think there comes a point as a fan where one has to face reality. Maybe he really belongs on the stage, and that is where his career is pointing him now?

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    • yeah, this seems like Brain on Fire 2: This time with genetic modifications. It’s so disappointing.


    • I’m looking forward to My Zoe, mostly beccause RA might get more screen time than usual and get to show his acting chops but I agree with you, Babette, about his gestures etc. I sighed when I saw them yet again.


  5. Hmm, doesn’t look any better or worse to me than it did before. I’m still curious enough.


    • I’ll see it (even though the trailer made it seem like it wouldn’t be worth a trip to Toronto), assuming I can. Just can’t get in any way excited about this.

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    • Selon certaines critiques:
      – le film est très bavard, il y a beaucoup de dialogues, d’explications éthiques ou scientifiques,
      – l’intrigue saute du coq à l’âne, c’est à dire que les sujets abordés sont très nombreux mais pas traités de manière aussi approfondie que le scénario l’exigerait,
      – le film bascule dans la science fiction de manière incongrue,

      – les acteurs jouent très bien,
      – les dialogues entre JD et RA sont de très bonnes qualités, les arguments de chacun bien exposés. Pour une fois les sujets (de la séparation, de la garde de l’enfant…) sont abordés avec le regard d’une femme (à l’écriture). Les rapports de force évoluent au sein du couple, les opinions des deux protagonistes ne sont pas immuables, ils changent…
      Même si RA n’occupe pas le premier rôle et le premier plan du début à la fin du film, le traitement de son personnage ne semble pas quelconque (comme dans Brain on Fire).
      Quant à la gestuelle, nous connaissons par coeur ses moindres gestes, déplacements, ses moindres clins d’oeil, regards; comment ne pas les retrouver ici encore une fois?

      Comme Esther, le sujet m’intrigue et surtout je veux entendre les dialogues… J’espère quelques commentaires sur les problèmes éthiques.

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  6. Like Esther, I’m curious, even though the plot of My Zoe doesn’t appeal. Maybe if I get to view The Stranger first that will satisfy my need to see him onscreen again. Adam will certainly have more screen time than James.
    I can remember when The Hobbit was released, so many of us thought Thorin would be the defining role that would set his career off. For the life of me I can’t understand why, with his talent, he is where he’s at when others have back to back projects. Iirc, in the past he’s admitted to being ambitious, but maybe he is content with a career mix of screen, audio and stage. It seems to me his heart and creative soul lie with the latter.


  7. I see. But. Every actor has favourite, recurrent gestures, some kind of code. And trailers are often misleading. For my taste he could have changed job in 2014, instead of changing nose, but, who cares? And he earns enough to live by acting, and this is the most important thing, I think.

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  8. Like many RA fans, I was hoping Thorin role would launch his career to a new level. But that didn’t happen. He definitely has a successful career, just not what I anticipated. I guess we will never know if bad luck, bad choices, bad opportunities, bad timing or a combination of bad everything is responsible. I do think he waited too long to get the nose job. Some shots of him in ITS show an excruciatingly long droopy nose, losing its fight with gravity, IMO. I think he looks much better now, especially in profile. I will still try to see him acting in anything, but that is also frustrating because much of his work turns out to be obscure and difficult to find. I liked him in BS, and I am really looking forward to Stranger. He is the lead and his character (at least in the book) survives. Should be a treat, and easy to find. 🎃


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