In case you’ve been watching this

There was a conflict between advertised performances of Uncle Vanya in London and Armitage’s appearance at MagicCon in Bonn.

~ by Servetus on November 14, 2019.

12 Responses to “In case you’ve been watching this”

  1. Ah well……


  2. Miss communication me thinks, or a misunderstood one….Twitter folks went ballistic…..

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  3. Now the Official-Twitter-Account of the Con tweeted this:

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    • So, of course the first thing that happened on Twitter in response to fans expressing their upsetness over the possibility that they’d lose a huge financial investment in the case he’d actually do the con was to bash other fans. Because all of this stupid situation was somehow the fans’ fault. NOT. I really despise Twitter.

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      • The fans fault was to voice their concerns because how dare they to criticize him sigh but I know what you mean of course 😦


        • Whoever was tweeting for MagicCon didn’t help — but that is also part of how Twitter works. I have an allergy!


          • That is definitely true. For me both sides haven’t looked good in this :/


            • My new theory of Twitter is that people prefer it because everyone has a micro-platform in which they are absolutely sovereign. Unfortunately with freedom to shout uncontrollably into the either comes responsibility. The aftermath of this seems to be in people’s mouths still and I just hope there isn’t another flareup when the final information comes out.

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    • (oh, and thanks for linking this!)


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