And more about McPherson and Vanya

In The Stage. This may be a “register for a free connection” sort of thing. Suggests that this adaptation will not be earth-shattering. I had to laugh when McPherson said he moved the date ahead to convey a greater proximity to 1905. I doubt most of his audience in the UK will associate anything with that date at all. Perhaps I am wrong.

~ by Servetus on January 8, 2020.

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  1. Some of us might just have an inkling.

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    • You went to school when they still taught people facts, and you lived through the Cold War, though, so you probably know at least the general outline of modern Russian history. I talk about 1905 as a turning point for about forty minutes per semester — and have since 1999 — and come up blank every time.

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  2. I’m sure a few of us in the UK will associate the date with the Russian Revolution although it is not difficult to keep the impending event in mind anyway without the date being moved forward.

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  3. […] also dug up an interview with Conor McPherson, the paywright who has adapted Uncle Vanya. Again, I made screenshots of where Vanya is […]

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  4. You’re absolutely right… my doubts increase Maybe i should blame it on the Crucible since maybe subconsciously I’m looking for an experience of that magnitude and reality always fails to live up to that expectation


    • I don’t think any play that’s not staged in the round has a chance of achieving the intensity of The Crucible. It was really immediate.


  5. I am expecting little more than an alcoholic miserable man, John Procter spoilt me too.


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