When you’re Ciaran Hinds you actually get to talk about the play

This is an interview with Hinds that says a bit more about the play than Armitage has been allowed to (apparently).

~ by Servetus on January 8, 2020.

8 Responses to “When you’re Ciaran Hinds you actually get to talk about the play”

  1. In spite of what Rich may bemoan it’s perfectly possible in time to ditch the hot totty period gent image (wink) and otoh Ciaran is no newspaper person pushover (giggle, sorry i pretty much loath the Telegraph)


    • “Totty:” I kind of feel like — if you’ve been talking about something for fifteen years (which Armitage has at this point) and you don’t want to talk about it, you change the subject. So the fact that he’s still talking about it in ways that apparently make it worthwhile to print suggest that he’s either (a) conversationally incompetent or (b) gets something from continuing to discuss the subject.

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      • I fear the latter, tbh… I mean, why choose the Telegraph of all newspapers to make the kind of ‚announcement‘ ( for want of a better word) he made and then get upset about the headline being about exactly that instead of the play you‘re trying to promote? 🤷‍♀️ Same with the totty Image: Why bring it up at all after all this time? Then again, it’s the Telegraph, it’s not exactly a quality newspaper. Who knows how much interesting stuff they actually cut out of the interview.
        I always liked CH a lot, and not just because he was a very dashing as Captain Wentworth!😉


        • I assume that the interview brought up the “totty” question — and it may in fact be the product of laziness. I haven’t looked recently at all but the main articles that used to come up when googling him were pieces from 2005-7 where he was busy denying that he was goodlooking.

          I have no feeling either way about Hinds. I looked at his filmography when he was cast and realized I had seen a number of things he is in without noticing him.


  2. Well Ciarán Hinds talked more about previous plays and the director than UV… and about his daughter. I think RA got more in about Chekhov…


    • I feel like I now know a lot more about this play than I did from reading the previous interviews with Armitage.


  3. Really enjoyed the interview. Thanks for posting the link.

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  4. […] up, Servetus referenced an interview with Ciaran Hinds about Uncle Vanya here. I took screenshots of the section where he speaks about the play. It does pique my curiosity and […]


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