Before things get even more chaotic, things I would like to have said

1. Condolences to our Australian friends and fellow fans over the fire situation. We see you suffering on the news every night and I hope you are all safe. I know this fire is going to be hard to recover from and raises big questions about the future — but Australians are so pragmatic that I know you will figure it out.

2. Condolences (and my apologies, although they are powerless ones) to our Canadian and Ukrainian friends and fellow fans and Iranian friends (are there any Iranian fans reading here?) for the deaths of the passengers on Ukrainian International Airlines flight 752. I agree with those who say that the U.S. has the blood of these passengers on our hands, even if we didn’t fire that particular missile. It’s another expression of my powerlessness that I say the prayers for peace every day but (in the words of Patrick Henry and the Bible): there is no peace.

3. Condolences to our Puerto Rican fellow citizens (and fellow fans if there are any) in response to the recent earthquake. On this one I feel grief and anger. I have called my representatives to push them to further aid programs to PR, but I doubt anyone is listening.

~ by Servetus on January 12, 2020.

5 Responses to “Before things get even more chaotic, things I would like to have said”

  1. 11 Manitobans lost their lives on that flight, one got her Ph.d in immunology in 2016. They will have grief counsellors in one school division for two students who died on that flight. The level of loss is staggering. I am sad and just angry.

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    • From The National Post

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      • I am just sickened, sickened. This is all SO unnecessary. We were on a path to lessened tensions with Iran and the US president threw it all in the garbage because he thought it would make him popular — he doesn’t understand anything about the situation, it’s pretty clear. We make unofficial war with Iran, and create a situation where everyone’s so on edge that shooting a civilian plane somehow makes sense to someone.

        This is a good commemoration of the victims and I wish it weren’ tnecessary.

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  2. I join you in extending my heartfelt condolences to all suffering from these tragedies. I was in Australia last year, and I am having a hard time dealing with all the animals that have been lost. In light of all the depressing news, it’s easy to lose hope, but I pray for a semblance of peace and acceptance of our differences.


  3. Si des leçons pouvaient être tirées, ressortir de toutes ces tragédies, on pourrait garder un peu d’espoir.
    If lessons could be learned, emerge from all these tragedies, we would keep some hope.


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