Could be good

~ by Servetus on January 16, 2020.

13 Responses to “Could be good”

  1. WOW. Looks amazing!

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  2. This should be better than Berlin Station (fingers crossed!)? I’ve watched the other 2 Harlan Coben series on Netflix, The Five and Safe, before I knew Richard was going to be in this one, and I really enjoyed them. Also helps that they were self-contained series, rather than ongoing shows.

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  3. I have high hopes – I really enjoyed Safe and The Five too.

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  4. I feel like a child waiting for Christmas, am so looking forward to seeing this – it will help take away the disappointment of being unable to see UV! lol It has a fabulous cast.

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  5. The trailer looks good. Coben’s books are very much mass market, but he does know how to keep the pace going and he does like to do stories that are about missing people and the pursuit of secrets. I liked The Five better than Safe. I just felt that Safe wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. But I’m hopeful that this one will live up to expectations.

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  6. The trailer looks good. I also like Dervla Kirwan who plays his wife in the show. I have like her since her days on Ballykissangel. Fun fact for all Spooks fans she is married to Rupert Penry-Jones who played Adam Carter.

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    • She’s a lucky woman – she gets to kiss RA and RPJ!


      • No kidding right. Funny thing is that I saw that RPJ pretty much said the same thing about being 50 (this year) and not getting the lead roles. Both still look good so not sure why the they think their to old.

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