Remember how I said Richard Armitage is insanely sexy in this play?




Beginning of Act I, when Nana and Astrov are discussing whether he’s changed



Enter a caption


Act II, drunken scene

Act III — after the official drunken scene, encounter between Astrov and Sonia (at the end of this she will obliquely admit that she’s interested in him)

Act III — I think Astrov is promising Sonia not to drink anymore

Act II (I think) this is Astrov after Sonia’s asked if she had a sister, if he could love the sister, and he says more or less that he couldn’t do anything.


Act III, Astrov overhears Yelena’s soliloquy

Act IV — Astrov reassures Vanya that they will all enjoy a pleasant hereafter

~ by Servetus on January 17, 2020.

12 Responses to “Remember how I said Richard Armitage is insanely sexy in this play?”

  1. Thanks for these beautifuls pics. I can’t wait to see it, but I have to wait until April 😉


  2. Wonderful photos! 😃


  3. Please let this be livestreamed 🙏.

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  4. Oh my, thank you for these…..breathe in….breathe out……


  5. Oh my, I agree, very sexy in each picture Serv. You can just feel his emotional turmoil. I also feel this is his turmoil in his life now. His beautiful face shows his sadness, his feelings of loneliness and some despair. But he is so optimistic as he is in his own life. His heart and soul is so filled with goodness and love for all as in his real life. That is why us “Old Souls” feel his feelings so deep in our hearts and soul. I have no way with words but I had to give it a try! Thank You Serv for all your wonderful blogs. They are very special……

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  6. Thanks for posting these and all of your other play updates. That set looks very beautiful from the few pictures. Love that vest.

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  7. Thanks for the posting, especially with those captions; helps put things in context. And you were right about the set: it’s gorgeous. I’m going next month to see it, so this just adds to my excitement!

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  8. Yes, looking so good!


  9. They are great photos and the set looks amazing. I wish I could get over the beard perhaps when I see him in the flesh his Astrov guise will work its magic.


  10. Wow. “Dad bod”? I don’t think so.
    That window on set is gorgeous.

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  11. Not only is Richard insanely sexy, but those sets are insanely intricate and gorgeous. Now I’m even more sad I won’t be seeing it unless it’s streamed. Thank you for these.

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