[raises eyebrows] #richardarmitage At least he looks happy

~ by Servetus on January 24, 2020.

24 Responses to “[raises eyebrows] #richardarmitage At least he looks happy”

  1. Visions of tree-hugging, translated into shirt and suit?


  2. What a terrible photograph! 🙄

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    • Mehhhhh…..


      • Nearly all the afterparty pics of that Getty photographer were shot from an awful angle. None of them is what one would call a good shot, right?? (I’d say!)


        • I’m not a photographer, but I’d agree with you. Sometime is wrong. Maybe the photographer failed to appear and they grabbed a tourist with a big camera off the street and asked them to take photos.


  3. He looks a bit tipsy…


    • After the shows I saw, he always looked a bit like that on stage, too — so maybe in this case adrenaline rush plus cocktails?


  4. I’m thinking maybe he dressed himself tonight. Not the first time he’s worn green (unfortunately).


  5. That is one ugly outfit! Can’t miss that suit. (Would like to have missed it!)


  6. Ah, plaid suit again, you must’ve loved that! 😉 I hated it at first, kinda grew on me a bit after. The color washes him out a bit, though, I find…


  7. For me the colour of the shirt annoys me. It was a time in the seventies my father has had the same coloured shirt with a grey suit, terrible.

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